Sudha Narasimharaju, shortly known as Sudha, is an Indian film actress and a supporting artist for the Television Series field. Sudha is well-known as a prolific actress hailing from the Kannada film industry. Sudha was born in Karnataka, India, to Narasimharaju. Sudha Narasimharaju debuted to Sandalwood in 1985 through the film Aruna Raaga Aruna Raaga is a Kannada religious show, wherein d >> Read More... Aruna Raaga . K.V.Jayaram directed, and Jayadurga Films produced Aruna Raaga. Sudha made her first appearance in this film and was warm-heartedly appreciated.

Some films in which she starred include Shanthi Nivasa (1988), Samyuktha (1988), Hrudaya Bandhana (1993), Bahaddur Hennu (1993), Rajakeeya (1993), Nyayakkagi Saval (1994), Kalyanothsava (1995), and many more. Sudha stayed out of the limelight for a few years, yet she managed to bounce back as an actress. In 2017, Sudha portrayed a minor role in the film Mudita. Mudita was directed by Swaroop Kanchi Swaroop Kanchi is a Bangalore based Indian filmmak >> Read More... Swaroop Kanchi and is a drama/musical film. Later, in 2019, Sudha Narasimharaju signed two projects and did justice to both her roles. Sudha portrayed the role of an old widow (Siddhi) in the 2019 Kannada drama film Siddhi Seere Click to look into! >> Read More... Siddhi Seere . Brahmanand Reddy directed this film, and Ravishankar Mirle Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ravishankar Mirle provided the story. Sudha brought her character Siddhi into life through her acting. She also acted in another movie Gattimela, which was released in 2017. Sudha signed the project Ganduli, in which she worked as the mother of the hero (Vinay Ratnasiddi).