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Hamsa Nandini


Hamsa Nandini As A Dancing Doll

Hamsa Nandini is a lot more than what we think. She dances with grace, she acts passionately, and she can model with compassion. She is multi-talented. Her works leave us speechless making it unnecessary to speak of her skills and ability. Originally named Poonam, Hamsa got her name after she the illustrious director Vamsy renamed her.

She has portrayed roles as challenging as a warrior princess in the 2014 movie Rudhramadevi. The stills reflect her dancing skills as her grooves and moves to music numbers. Dressed in a pink and silver dress, she looks no less than a doll. She dances like no one else. Hamsa is unique and passionate.

A modeling career brought her in the industry. After completing her post graduation in human resources, she started out as a model. A famous item dancer, Hamsa is more than happy in performing for five minutes passionately rather than doing roles that do not inspire her or make her happy. She believes dancing is a way to reach out to the masses. Her recent dance number was for Legend.