Top 10 Punjabi TV Channels In India

Top 10 Punjabi TV Channels In India Punjabi Article

Whether it be a sports channel, news channel, Comedy series channel, cartoon channel, or any other sort of channel, channels are one of the most common forms of pleasure for individuals who watch television. There won't be any sources of knowledge about anything without them. The considering point is that it is the only source of enjoyment for someone busy with work. So let's look at the most popular Punjabi language TV channels.

1. Punjab T.V

Punjab TV delivers honest and reliable news and top-notch entertainment programming shows in the Punjabi language. The channel also shows numerous cultural facets of Punjab in the famous television of Punjab. The information is typically from all sectors of society and from all around the world.


2. PTC Punjabi

PTC Punjabi is a channel specific to the entertainment world and provides all sorts of news more relatable to Punjab and significant events happening in the state. A few great shows on this TV channel are Voice of Punjab, Chausar, PTC Mr. Punjab, Stand Up Te Paao Khapp, Miss PTC Punjabi Miss PTC Punjabi is a Punjabi-language televised s >> Read More... Miss PTC Punjabi , and many more.

3. Zee Punjabi

Zee Punjabi is just like Zee Marathi (Marathi serial channel) as one of the subsets of Zee company. The difference is that the language used in the channel is Punjabi, but also the serial is original to the Punjabi language, and no dubbing is involved. A few famous serials on the channel are Nayan - Jo Vekhe Unvekha, Khasma Nu Khani Khasma Nu Khani is a drama series on Zee Punjabi. >> Read More... Khasma Nu Khani , Swaad Aa Gaya, Tera Rang Chadeya Tera Rang Chadeya is a romantic comedy series on Z >> Read More... Tera Rang Chadeya , Chhoti Jathani Story soon >> Read More... Chhoti Jathani , Superstar Nuh Superstar Nuh is a Punjabi family reality show on >> Read More... Superstar Nuh , Tera Rang Chadeya, Tere Dil Vich Rehan De and Geet Dholi Geet Dholi is a drama series on Zee Punjabi. It is >> Read More... Geet Dholi .


4. Chakde TV

Chakde TV is a television channel famous for its news in the Punjabi language, which is also exempt in Canada. However, it is a category B Punjabi channel whose owner is Server Center Limited. One of the shows it is famous for is Bhakhdiya Khabran, which is a specific debate show more popular in Punjab state. And the channel is also known as the first channel to be a 4K Punjabi TV channel.


5. Fateh TV

Fateh TV is a 24-hour entertainment channel that has grown significantly till now in the past few years. This channel is so famous in Punjabi that people watch it outside the country. The owner and  Managing Director of the TV channel are Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra. And he started his 1st telecast in Ludhiana.


6. ChardiklaTime TV

One of India's most remarkable and highest-rated Punjabi news networks, "ChardiklaTime TV," has gained enormous global attention. This channel is again a news channel not just specific to India but abroad, like Cannada. The channel's telecast is done on many platforms like Dish TV, Jio TV, Big TV, Fastway, Videocon D2h, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, and Independent TV.


7. DD Punjabi

This channel is a government channel specific to new in Punjabi and with showcasing some specific national programs like national events, shows, and many more. Also, it is the Punjabi language channel from Prasar Bharati. Which is also can be said as a subset of the DD channel network.


8. JUS Punjabi

JUS Punjabi TV is the first Punjabi (American-oriented) television network that started in North America. It broadcasts a diverse domain of exciting things like daily news, debates on state affairs, cooking shows, and information from the entertainment, fashion, and lifestyles world.


9. Alpha ETC Channel Punjabi

Alpha ETC Channel Punjabi is again the channel with roots in foreign countries. The channel is also in Canadian Punjabi language, but interestingly the channel is owned by Asian Television Network. More amazing things about the channel than its rival are the content in movies, dramas, comedies, and talk shows apart from just news shows.

10. Manoranjan Movies

Manoranjan Movies is a Punjabi movie channel that continuously 24 hours shows movies specifically in the Punjabi language native to Punjab. Apart from film, sometimes it shows music events and music and song's top hits. The owner of the channel is Manoranjan TV Group Limited.