Top 10 Hits Of Harrdy Sandhu Punjabi Article

Even though his real name is apparently Hardavinder Singh Sandhu, very few, if any, people are aware of him by that name. Instead, everyone refers to him as Harrdy Sandhu. On September 6, 1986, Hardy Sandhu Hardevinder Singh Sandhu recognized widely by the >> Read More... Hardy Sandhu , an accomplished Indian pop singer from Patiala, Punjab, was born. Harrdy Sandhu is one of the most well-known performers in the Punjabi music industry, whether it's due to his soulful voice or his sharp appearance. Why not, then? The songs by Harrdy Sandhu are well-liked by everyone.Backbone and Naah are two of Sandhu's tracks with the highest stream counts. There are several Harrdy Sandhu songs in this collection that are excellent for getting a party started.The top 10 songs by Harrdy Sandhu, as compiled by Nettv4u, are listed below:

1. Bijlee Bijlee

"Bijlee Bijlee" is one of the most innovative videos, and it was made by the director using a unique set of ideas. On the "Desi Melodies (DM)" YouTube channel, the song's music video has received more than 400 million views. Arvindr Khaira has done a superb job of presenting the vintage 1940s concept and all other fresh notions so as to make Harrdy Sandhu more noticeable in the song. Jaani forced us to once again listen to the lyrics of Bijlee Bijlee. B Praak's excellent beats have given the music even more groove. Palak Tiwari Palak Tiwari is an Indian actress and a model who >> Read More... Palak Tiwari , who is breath-taking, is a recent addition to the track.


2. Soch

Regardless of whether they like Punjabi music or not, everyone was impacted after hearing "Soch" by Harrdy Sandhu. In 2013, Harrdy Sandhu introduced this heartfelt song and clarified the complexities of what selflessness entails. Anyone might cry when appreciating the sincerity of true love, not just because of the song but also because of the 193 million-view original music video.

3. Backbone

Since this song's 2017 release and positive reception, Harrdy Sandhu has gained notoriety. One of Harrdy Sandhu's best songs, this excellent love ballad was penned by Jaani and was filmed in breathtaking Australian landscapes. The public's love for B Praak's excellent composition resulted in well over 550 million views of Backbone's official music video on YouTube.


4. Kya Baat Ay

People admire Harrdy Sandhu for various reasons, including his fashionable appearance and appealing voice. The best pop song of the year, Kya Baat Ay, featured him demonstrating this combo. Most of Harrdy Sandhu's songs in Punjabi were written by B Praak, with lyrics by Jaani, and the same holds true for this great song. The 628 million+ views on YouTube demonstrate the song's unprecedented success.


5. Hornn Blow

Despite being a long-time favorite of the general audience, Hornn Blow is still among Harrdy Sandhu's best songs. This amazing result was suggested by Harrdy Sandhu in 2016, and the official video received more than 420 million views. Listeners might be seen literally tapping their feet to the music due to Harrdy Sandhu's powerful voice and the fantastic beats.


6. Naah

When the song first started playing in 2017, it quickly became a favorite among fans of Punjabi music. Harrdy Sandhu sang the song Naah, which features Nora Fatehi Nora Fatehi is yet another foreigner to get a brea >> Read More... Nora Fatehi . Jaani wrote the song's words, and B Praak made the music. One of the most well-known party songs, which has been on many people's playlists for a very long time, continues to be featured in this Sony Music video. The "Naah" music video has 565 million YouTube views, demonstrating how well-liked the song is.


7. Titliaan

Sargun Mehta Sargun Mehta is an Indian model, comedian, actress >> Read More... Sargun Mehta and Harrdy Sandhu are featured in the song Titliaan. Afsana Khan Afsana Khan is a Punjabi playback singer, actress, >> Read More... Afsana Khan sang the song, which Jaani wrote and composed. Simply begin streaming the tune, which is available everywhere, and allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful trance. There have been over 820 million views of the Desi Melodies song video on YouTube.


8. Yaar Ni Milyaa

The reason fans eagerly anticipated the release of this song for download is, without a doubt, Harrdy Sandhu's amazing vocal abilities. He demonstrated this once more with the release of his song Yaar Ni Milyaa, which has amassed 234 million views on its official YouTube video. It is almost everyone's favorite Harrdy Sandhu song. It was released by White Hill Music in 2018 and immediately rose to popularity. The best thing about this song is how passionate and romantic the music is, as well as how much fun it is to dance to.


9. Joker Joker was a Tamil TV special which was aired on ZE >> Read More... Joker

The most emotional song by Harrdy Sandhu, which debuted in 2014, is impossible to forget. Hearing "Joker," which hit them right in the middle, could have made anyone's eyes well up with tears. As of this writing, over 115 million people have viewed the song since it was first posted on the "T-Series Apna Punjab" YouTube channel. People can't stop singing this, which is one of Harrdy Sandhu's best songs. This song will be everyone's favorite for a few more years thanks to B. Praak's composition and Jaani's lyrics.

10. Naa Ji Naa

In 2015, Harrdy Sandhu's voice was hailed as every love song's perfect match. The next song was "Naa Ji Naa," which was the most well-known love ballad at the time. Every love music playlist must have this song, which is still regarded as one of Harrdy Sandhu's finest. As of this writing, the video, which was uploaded to YouTube with the Sony Music India label, has received 48 million views.