Mad Max: Fury Road


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Mad Max: Fury Road Teasers, Trailers & Video Songs

Mad Max Fury Road by George Miller is another post-apocalyptic action adventure in the Mad Max series.The world has faced a nuclear destruction leading to the collapse of civilization.The director has shot the movie in a span of three years using some jaw-dropping cinematography. The lifelike images and memories of Max Rockatansky’s (Tom Hardy) dead wife and child haunt him in his nightmares throughout the movie.

Max has been captured and imprisoned by the War Boys and used as a living blood bag.Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) is the leader of the War Boys group and Lord for the survivors of Citadel. Joe controls the water supply in this region making people fights for it. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), who was once Immortan Joe’s trusted lieutenant leads a group of women (five wives of Joe)who are trying to escape from this region and heads towards the east. Joe sees them fleeing and is aware of their plan. He chases the group along with his army. Nux(Nicholas Hoult) uses Max as his blood bag for blood transfusion.

He is a member of Joe’s army and wants to help him get Furiosa.When Max does break free and manages to escape from the War Boys, his only hope lies with this group. There are unexpected twists and turns when Max along with the group plans to trap and kill Joe and his army by heading back towards Citadel. Shot in the southern African country of Namibia which is well known for its fiery red deserts, barren landscapes, and crimson sand dunes;the location seems to be perfect to replace the apocalyptic Australia.The film deserves all the praise for the scenes and stunt-work.So get ready to blow your mind off with this insanely incredible movie!