Toby Onwumere English Actor

Toby Onwumere is a Nigerian born American actor working the Hollywood TV industry. Born on 1st February 1990, Toby was born in Nigeria. He later in his life moved to America where he was raised by his parents. Onwumere had a childhood dream of becoming an actor, he was selected to study in University of California’s acting program, known as the MFA. Later, he completed his acting studies from University of Evansville, Indiana.

Toby started playing theatres during his acting school days, he soon became a prominent actor in the theatre scene in Indiana, he starred in Santa Cruz Shakespeare where he portrayed the character of Macduff in Macbeth. He also played Cleaton in The Liar. After a successful theatre career, Toby finally jumped the ship towards on screen acting. He made his debut in 2012’s comedy TV series The Book of Dallas, where he had a cameo appearance in just 1 episode.

But it did a lot for him. In 2016, he got a role in the Netflix orignal’s super-hit show Sense8, where he portrays the character of Capheus Onyango. Toby went on to appear in both the seasons and this became his most successful role to this day. Since then, in 2019, he got a chance to star in Empire, a super successful show based on the life of a rap mogul, Toby plays the character of Kai on Empire. Toby is currently filming Thorp, and The Matrix 4.