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Singer Richard Antony English Actor

He was a French singer from Cairo, Egypt. He was born on 15 January 1938 and died on 23 April 2015, because of cancer. He was a very popular singer. His songs are available on youtube, ganna, and savan. He is also known as a Richard Anthony Bush. His main style of singing was French pop, vocal pop, and traditional pop. His main general was: pop, rock, vocal, and international. He has completed his higher graduation in Paris, before becoming a singer he leads a normal life and one day he wished to become famous in the world, so he decided to use his passion of singing to come in the limelight. He started his singing career with the Pathe-Marconi. He started his own work in 1958. At first, he worked in a series of debut single which was named as “La Rue Des cooers Perdus,” by this debut single he became very popular.

Later on, he worked in various singles like buddy holly Peggy sue and Lloyd price’s personality. This made him popular and he came into the limelight. He is known as one of the best singers. At various points in his career, he faced some ups and downs but he never gave up and always gave his best in every situation. His total sale rates exceeded 12 million. Some of his famous albums are double Vogue, Ce Monde, Le Sirop Typhon, Hello Pussycat, Jericho, and Thin-Thin. Some of his famous debut singles are Betty Baby, even if, Amor de Aranjuez,c’ est. Ma fete, and worknouvelle vag his father was Alexander Anthony. He worked in a textile production. Michele Antony was his wife. He was blessed with two children. He was not so much active on social media sites.

He recorded 66 songs and 50 million songs were sold. They migrated from Argentina to Egypt. He completed his college from Brighton. He became a soloist at the age of 30, then he migrated to France where he completed his law. He started his career from TV. He used to sing songs in Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Switzerland, Persian and many more languages. He was not a political singer but sometimes he sang on social or economic subjects. During his singing career, he had to spend four days in the jail. After this incident, he tried more efficient ways to perform songs in front of the people. After a time he received a positive response on a chart by the people. He was a very kind-hearted person and a social person. He was a very hardworking person and never let himself down in any difficult phase of his life.

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Richard Anthony was born on 13th Jan 1938. He died on 19th April 2015, at the age of 77 in Pégomas, France. His birth name was Richard Anthony Btesh. He spent his childhood in Cairo, Egypt. He studied at Brighton college in England. In 1951, he settled to Paris, where he studied Lycée Janson-de-Sailly. He also started studying law, but he has to left that and become a salesman and played saxophone in Paris nightclub after the sudden death of his father. He started his recording journey at the Abbey Road Studios in England and made his first recording as a singer in the year 1958. It was a French language American pop.

His famous songs include ‘’Tu m’étais destinée’’, ‘’Ma Peggy Sue’’ and Nouvelle Vague’’. He became one of the biggest French pop singers in the early 1960s. his popular song include ‘’let’s Twist Again’’, C’est ma fête’’ and ‘’Et j’entends siffler le train’’. In 1966 he recorded his super hit songs ‘’The Rolling Stones’’, ‘’Ruby Tuesday’’. In the 1967, he recorded one of his biggest International hit songs ‘’Aranjuez mon amour’’, which was based on Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez. His songs also reached to the British charts after recording the English language songs that include ‘’Walking Alone’’ and ‘’If I Loved You’’.

He remarried in the late 1970s, then he shifted to Los Angeles. He lived there for several years. In 1982, he returned to France, but he didn’t leave his career. He constantly recorded songs, performed on stage, appeared on TV shows. He has an excellent career record in his life. It was estimated that he recorded more than 60 million songs throughout his life.

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