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Size Zero
Size Zero

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Not exactly the feel-good fat-friendly experience of Anushka Shetty was the film all about; it also had another tale to tell the viewer if a woman is overweight, she may never attract a husband. Mother of Anushka, (played by Urvashi) feels that her daughter is going to lose self-respect if she gets heavier. Why then the girl did not give up her old habits like 'gotta eat right well' in advance?

Anushka Shetty eats a lot and does not miss any favorite food prescribed in her regular diet, ice-cream, jalebi, etc. In this movie, the heroine Anushka has increased her body size to beyond bearable to get into the skin of the character and this part of her role can be quickly lauded.

The other part of the movie is that she does not lose any self-respect and keen to find a husband who would find her as attractive as she had always been. Hence, actor Arya steps in and falls in love with the fat girl (Anushka) and she was pleased to hear from someone like Arya, who uttered perhaps in her ears that one can be fat and happy and in love too.

But Anushka rejects him at first sight and then Arya becomes closer to Sonal Chauhan. It is then Urvashi asks Anushka to join a slimming clinic where Anushka finds out fault with the owner of the clinic for prescribing wrong medicine to get back to zero size. Does she ever become closer to Arya? This is the story of the film. In this film, Arya plays the role of an NRI documentary filmmaker. He has played his part in a very restraint mood and allowed Anushka to act in every frame of the movie.

The real hero of the film is Anushka, who carries the film on her shoulders with a terrific performance. The other star of the movie is Kanika Dhillon (Kanika Kovelamudi) who is the latest writer in Telugu film industry. She has written the story on a contemporary subject that is set against a backdrop of the slimming industry.

Watch the movie for Anushka who worked in this film with her full heart and thanks to the actress that she took the script of the movie so seriously.