Trisha Illana Nayanthara

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A talented music director of our time G V Prakash Kumar was seen as a hero in his last release Darling. In recent release Trisha Illana Nayanthara, he plays the role of a virgin boy, who is teamed up with two heroines. The story of the film is just what the title could be. It is the journey of a young boy in search of love, but he changes his heart from one girl to another after being dumped by one. The storyline is penned by Aadhik (debut role as a writer) that fills the story with entertainment and fun throughout. This film deals with the definition of love witnessed in the present generation and the perspective of youngsters of both genders about love, relationship, virginity, etc. Throughout the film, Jeeva seems to remind us that he is the only virgin around which sounds very funny. In this film, the protagonist’s (Jeeva) life is all about two things- booze and woman. Jeeva (GV Prakash Kumar) grows up with two girls, Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi ( Manisha Yadav). Interestingly, they were born on the same day and same time in same hospital. As Jeeva reaches adolescent age, he falls in love with Ramya at school and she too has a soft corner. But they get separated as Jeeva opens up about his sexual escapade to his close friend that spreads like a fire in the school campus. Jeeva is a male chauvinistic in heart too.

After the break up from Ramya, Jeeva and Aditi come close and Jeeva cannot accept his girlfriend, so the virgin hero gets dumped. The broken-hearted youth Jeeva now shifts his base from Chennai to Kumbakonam to stay with his uncle ( VTV Ganesh), who runs a bar shop. The story then tells us if the hero does meet his past girlfriend Ramya (who is also in Kumbakonam) and gets re-united or not. The funny aspect of the film is the story and screenplay, where Jeeva, Ramya and Aditi are born on the same day in the labor room. Three of them grow up as childhood friends in the same residential colony. As they become adolescents, Jeeva begins dating with Ramya when Aditi is out of town. They indulge in some romantic escapades and Ramya breaks the relationship due to mistake committed by Jeeva. Although Aditi comes then in the life of Jeeva, but this love story also ends as Jeeva does not like the lifestyle of Aditi. Will then Ramya and Jeeva’s love tale grow up in Kumbakonam?