This is a film that yesteryear actor like M G Ramachandran would have actually loved to do. The film focuses how village folks can be simple in heart still and earn living by keeping elephants as a pet. Nowadays, we neither have movies based on rural themes, nor we have a story related to village folks. This film ‘Kumki’ hence deserves a special praise for giving a preference to the rural background and assembled characters that helped the film to open very strong in the box office.

Although the protagonist is the hero ( Vikram Prabhu), the story revolves around two elephants Manickam and Komban. As Bomman (played by Vikram Prabhu) spends his life with his pet elephant Manickam by attending the temple and marriage ceremonies and earns living, there appears the wild elephant Komban. This elephant behaves like a rampaging elephant who destroys crops. The people of the village march to forest officers seeking help but that leads to no result.

Hence, the village people take a decision to bring Kumki elephant to tame the wild elephant. Bomman reaches the village with his elephant with his fellow associates. As days pass by, he comes across the village girl Alli ( Lakshmi Menon) and falls in love with her. But one day, the wild elephant Komban attacks the village, and Manickam takes a fight with the wild elephant. Manickam defeats Komban but gets injured and dies. Bomman realizes later that due to his love with Alli he lost his crew members. Finally, Alli's father comes to know about their love.

The music and many songs are hummable especially the one of Shreya Ghoshal and K G Ranjith ("Sollitaley Ava Kaadhala") and Haricharan ("Ayayayoo Aananthamey") are really top chartbusters. The heroine of the film Lakshmi Menon deserves praise for playing the village girl and her body language in song sequences was really appropriate.