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Misha ( Yami Gautam) is on a shopping trip with Robin, her son .Liak ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui) along with Harman (Vinay Pathak)and his friend runs after they rob a bank and get into Misha’s car so as to escape. During the struggle that takes place in car, Liak shoots Misha while Robin falls off the running car.

Later, both of them die in hospital, after struggling with injuries. In the chase that follows, Harman jumps to escape with the money and Liak is captured by the cop. Misha’s husband Raghu ( Varun Dhawan) is deeply shattered after loosing his son and wife and seeks to revenge the culprits. Liak refuses to tell the name of his friend involved in crime and is sentenced to prison for 20 years.

Raghu tries a lot to obtain the name of the other culprit, but gets no success. He plays as a detective to investigate about the culprits and eventually name of Liak’s girlfriend Jhimli ( Huma Qureshi) comes out. He meets her to find about the missing man. He gets hurt by Jhimli favoring Liak and thus, tortures her and finally rapes her. Raghu gives up his life and takes a train and gets out of it at a station named Badlapur, only to attempt an unsuccessful suicide. On the ground of being severely ill and suffering due to cancer, Liak is given bail after he completes 15 years of imprisonment. Actually, Raghu sends a letter to court asking for his release in return of getting his partner’s name from his mother. In his search, Raghu visits Pune, where Harman run an established Restaurant and lives a respected life. Meanwhile, police keeps a sharp watch on Liak so as to reach to his missing partner. Liak contacts Harman and asks to meet him to get his part of the stolen money.

Raghu meets Harman and Kanchan ( Radhika Apte) and questions them. Harman reveals that although he was indulged in robbery, his wife and son were killed by Liak and not by him. Harman also requests him not to report the cop about him. But when Raghu is not satisfied, Harman offers him Raghu’s part of money. Raghu accepts the money and kill Harman along with his wife. Raghu asks Shobha ( Divya Dutta), who helped him in getting Liak’s parole, to make an alibi for him. He sleeps with Shobha and pretends to love her. Later he buries Harman and Kanchan’s body on the top of a hill. Police tries to investigate about Harman and his wife, both appears missing.

Liak’s mother tells him about Raghu’s visit to obtain the name of Harman. Liak goes to Raghu’s house to get the money where he confronts Raghu. Raghu beats Liak mercilessly. After gaining consciousness, Raghu informs him about the killing and burying of Harman along with his wife. To this Liak says that he was responsible for killing his wife and son while Harman was just helping. He further says that it all happened within a moment of hurry but Raghu planned the murders with full control of senses and don’t even have feeling of guilt. He says that they two were same now and advices him to get treatment for his brain. Liak meets Jhimli, who now works for a businessman. She breaks down after looking at his condition. Meanwhile, police inspector is assured about Raghu’s hand in the killing of Harman along with his wife. He asks Raghu for the money that he received from Harman in order to remove the evidence. With a burden of Harman’s death, Liak returns to his home and sees that his mother had nothing to admire his father. He feels that just like his father, he too will become a man with no good deed. Meanwhile, Raghu denied the offer and sets himself ready to escape. Liak visits police station and confesses that he killed Harman along with his wife and place where they were buried.

In this way, he gives a second opportunity to Raghu to live a good life and at the same time does one good deed before dying. Seven months later, Liak dies in jail suffering from cancer. Jhimli visits Raghu to tell him about the second life Liak had given him. She tells him that unlike him, Liak never got the second chance. She asks him that after completing his revenge, what good did this brought to him. Raghu stands silent in the rain while Jhimli leaves.