The Sense Of An Ending

The Sense Of An Ending
The Sense Of An Ending
The Sense Of An Ending

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Indian filmmaker Ritesh Batra Ritesh Batra was born to a middle class family on >> Read More... Ritesh Batra , after giving us a lovely movie ‘ The Lunchbox Click to look into! >> Read More... The Lunchbox ’ brings to us a beautiful mature movie ‘The Sense of an Ending.’ Based on the British novel by Julian Barnes, the movie is an upscale British Drama and also gives a tinge of mystery at places.

The film has , Harriet Walter Dame Harriet Mary Walter, DBE was born on 24th Sep >> Read More... Harriet Walter and Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling took birth in the city of Turne >> Read More... Charlotte Rampling in lead roles and with such a great cast, the film ought to be awesome too. Well, we will find that out by the end of this review. Plot ‘The Sense of an Ending,’ tells the story of Tony Webster (Jim Broadbent) who is an aged, divorced and retired man living in London, keeping an affectionate relationship with his ex-wife Margaret ( Emily Mortimer Emily Kathleen Anne Mortimer was born on 1st Decem >> Read More... Emily Mortimer ) and accompanying his full-time pregnant daughter Susie (Michelle Dockery) to antenatal courses.

Tony runs a vintage camera shop leading a simple and quiet existence until one day; he is brought back to the memories that lurked in the shadow of the past by his former girlfriend's mother Sarah Ford (Emily Mortimer). Sarah has left 500 pounds and two documents in Tony’s name as a part of her will, which has left Tony confused as to why she would do so.

The movie is a complete nostalgic roller-coaster, and Tony tries to make sense of all what is going on with him. In the hunt of buried secrets, he digs into past and comes to face with a flawed reflection of his younger self, his love story with Veronica Ford ( Freya Mavor Freya Mavor is a Scottish on-screen character and >> Read More... Freya Mavor ) who is Sarah’s daughter and the harsh consequences that happened.

Will Tony be able to solve the puzzle of his distant past and accept the truth of the present? Well, watch the movie to find out what happens. Analysis Ritesh Batra made an appropriate try to manifest this novel based adaptation on the big screen.

However, he wasn’t able to cover the subtle details of the book. This movie closely relates to addressing the issues of identity and the certainties of our own young life or past years. The film will leave the audience thinking about it, long after the final credits.

Star Performances Jim Broadbent surely delivers the best performance in the movie, as Tony Webster. Broadbent and Walter have been paired perfectly opposite each other as a divorced couple. Billy Howle depicts a strong personality as young Tony.

Mavor and Rampling give a good performance as troubled Veronica. What’s there? 1. It is an absorbing story in many ways depicting the revival of jealousy and subsequent stalking behavior.

What’s not there?

1. As the film proceeds, we do feel that the missing pieces are falling into place but not neatly.There is no satisfying sense of ending.

2. The story seems passionless at places as it is about suicide, cheating and forbidden love, surrounded by the mystery of reality.

3. Flashbacks of Tony’s past should have brought out a blast of emotions, however, the messed up recalling fragments leads to a sense of closure for the same with the audience.

Verdict 2/5 stars I will give the movie two stars out of five, and label it as a one time watch.

However, just like people try to forget their past, this film may take you back to your diluted memory lanes, forcing you to think about your decisions and vital incidents that took place in your life.