The movies by K Balachander are always above par nbsp Movie Sindhu Bhairavi is an excellent movie that will captivate the attention of the audiences nbsp P

Sindhu Bhairavi Movie Review

Sindhu Bhairavi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Sindhu Bhairavi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 11-11-1985
Genre: Drama, Musical
4.25 / 5.0

The movies by K Balachander are always above par. Movie Sindhu Bhairavi is an excellent movie that will captivate the attention of the audiences.


Sivakumar has done the role of the singer JKB in the movie.  His wife Sulokshana loves him although she has no knowledge of music. When a woman with full knowledge of music crosses Singer JKB’s life, everything changes.  JKB develops a relationship with Sindhu (Suhasini), who has versatile knowledge in music.  There are unexpected twists in the movie. As you watch the movie, you could see that tears are welling up in your eyes.  What happens to marriage between Sivakumar’s marriage with Sulokshana? Who sacrifices the relationship for the other (Suhasini or Sulokshana? The answer forms the movie’s climax.  

Star Performances

The movie Sindhu Bhairavi is a milestone in Suhasini’s career. Her class acting in the movie is par excellence. Her contained look and swift expressions throw the audiences off guard, and the audiences are left with tears welling in their eyes. Sivakumar has done his best in the movie. Performance by Sulokshana as Sivakumar’s wife is commendable, particularly when she is in a dilemma as she comes to know of Sivakumar’s relationship with Suhasini. The actor who has done the role of Sulokshana’s father is like any other old man doting on his pension money. The scene showing him lying dead following loss of his money brings tears to the eyes of audiences.


Always, K Balachander’s movies are above par. The movie with his wonderful Midas touch is no exception. The movie has an unconventional theme, and Balachander has executed the movie in an astute manner. 

What is there?

  • In spite of the minor shortcomings, the movie is worth watching several times.
  • Performances by the artists are stunning.
  • The songs by Jesudass are perennial.  
  • Hats off to the camera efforts in the movie.
  • The comedy track by Janakaraj has been well-maintained.  

What is not there?

The strong premise of the movie will strike the right chord with an elite audience. However, for those with whom it doesn't vibe well they will be mesmerized by the performance of Suhasini. 

Sindhu Bhairavi-a milestone in Indian cinema.