With a very bold horror line this story is developed very well and has been accepted by the audience as one of the best in its kind of horror drama films, More

Pathimoonam Number Veedu Movie Review

Pathimoonam Number Veedu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Pathimoonam Number Veedu"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 15-06-1990
Genre: Drama
1.5 / 5.0

Pathimoonam Number Veedu is also known as 13 am Number Veedu. It is a horror movie directed by Baby. Aasha Production has produced it and Sangeetha Rajan has given music.


Selvam is a bachelor and is transferred to a village near Chennai. He shifts with his family in a house in the village. He meets a girl named, Annam in the village and starts loving her. Annam's father suddenly dies due to a heart attack. Annam reveals that her father was disturbed by a ghost from some days, and he acted weirdly before he died. After some days, Murali, Selvam' brother goes to a nearby house to find out a lady and realizes that she is a ghost. While returning home, he also dies due to a heart attack. Selvam's family is in agony due to Murali's death. Some days after, Selvam's family arranges his marriage with Annam. They both get married and were leaving their lives happily. Annam gets pregnant and even after ten months, she could not deliver the baby. Selvam's family gets tense due to this and calls a priest to check if she is also affected by the wrath of any ghost. To know what happens next, you must watch the movie.


The movie was a terrible failure and got the audience too bored with its story. The story has many loop ends, and the climax seems baseless. However, the movie succeeded in scaring the audience at some shots. The horror jingles in the background also create horror in the minds of the audience.

Star performances-

Nizhalgal Ravi has been average with his performance and so is Sadhana in the role of Annam. The direction has been terrible, and Baby has failed to get the terror to the audience with it. Sangeetha Rajan has done an average performance with her music. The visuals are average, and T. Murali hasn't done an impressive job in editing the movie.

What's there-

The movie has some scary shots which will scare you. It also has some sweet romance between Selvam and Annam.

What's not there-

The movie lacks a story and proper direction. It also lacks way behind in the technical areas and required more attention. Also, the movie doesn't have anything fresh to attract the crowd.


The movie is not at all entertaining and can be skipped.