Nayagan is a crime drama movie, which is based on the real life of an underworld Don Varadarajan Mudaliar who was from Mumbai. Also, it relates the challenges t

Nayagan Movie Review

Nayagan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Nayagan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 21-10-1987
Genre: Drama, Crime
4.5 / 5.0

Nayagan is a crime drama movie, which is based on the real life of an underworld Don Varadarajan Mudaliar who was from Mumbai. Also, it relates the challenges that every south Indian has to face in their daily life while living in Mumbai.

Plot: The motion pictures start with a scene where an anti- government leader’s son Sakthivel was a captured by the police in order to find him. They plays a trick on Sakthivel by making them believe that they were on his side but as he meets his father police kills him. But this incident shatters his beliefs so he stabs the inspector and runs to Mumbai. Where he was raised by a smuggler named Hussain, who treated him like his son. So one day when Hussain was ill he decides to carry ion his meeting himself which turns disastrous and ends up badly. Also, he was arrested by police where the inspector later kills him. Knowing the truth he kills the inspector but being a kind hearted soul he takes care of the kelkar family.

Later he meets with a girl names Neela and saves her from forced prostitution. Later he marries her and she gives birth to two beautiful children Surya and Charumathi. With the passing time his power increased and he gained support of all the local people. This angered the Rival gangs and they tried to kill him but in the process Neela dies accidently. For protecting his children he sends them to Chennai. After they complete their education they return as adults where Surya follows his father’s path and was killed during a clash, and his daughter blames Sakthivel for it and tells him to leave Mumbai and start a new life but he ignores it. The movie ends with him surrendering to police and Kelker’s son shooting him which leads to his death.

Analysis: Kamal Hassan and Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... Mani Ratnam is the dynamic duo and always create something magical. The story line is itself very imitating. It tells the real story of a Mumbai based underworld don and also shows the hardship of his life. Apart from the marvelous performance of Kamal Hassan, other supporting cast had gave their best performances and made this picture worth watching.

Star performances: In this flick throughout the story line everyone had given their best, and made it came out successful. However, the lead cast played by Kamal Hassan was best of all. He had given marvelous performance and showed us a world far beyond our imagination. He portrays the roughness, emotions, power and all those things needed in his character of Sakthivel, the underworld don and much more than that. so he wins millions of heart by it.

What’s there? Mani Ratnam had worked his magic in this movie which marked it as a milestone in the history of Indian film Industry. The motion picture is filled with good action sequences; all of the actors have done justice with the characters. The film is accompanied by great music. The stellar performances are given by many but the name of Kamal Hassan comes on top of the list.

What’s not there? The whole movie can be called as the legend of the Indian cinema; still the only thing that may offend our generation is the number of the songs in the flick. The two songs can be easily removed from it.

Verdict: The Motion picture is a worth watch, and it remains printed in your memory for a good amount of time. Also, when you see the movie you can easily visit that period again and again.