The movie is a daring venture by Kamal Haasan and it comes as a different effort from him nbsp It is alleged that the movie drew inspiration from the English

Nammavar Movie Review

Nammavar Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Nammavar"
Runtime: 2 Hours 43 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 02-11-1994
Genre: Drama, Comedy
4 / 5.0

The movie is a daring venture by Kamal Haasan, and it comes as a different effort from him. It is alleged that the movie drew inspiration from the English movie To Sir, With love. But, the movie’s director Sethumadhavan has directed the movie in such a manner that it pleases the Tamil audiences.


Kamal Haasan has done the role of a college professor in the movie Nammavar. He tries to mend the ways of Karan, who is a college student and the son of college trustee. In between, Kamal romances Gauthami, yet another lecturer in the same college. At a point of time, atrocities by the student Karan wreak havoc in the college. And, Karan injures himself and puts the blame on Kamal Haasan. The pressure by the college management and Karan forces Kamal to apologize to Karan. At a juncture, Gauthami accidentally comes to know that Kamal Haasan suffers from cancer. Kamal Haasan requests Gauthami that she does not reveal it to anybody. Nagesh comes in a supporting role in the movie, and he loses his daughter midway through the story. Watch the movie to know the rest of the story.

Star Performances:

Kamal Haasan easily fits into the shoes of a college professor. Nagesh has done the supporting role movingly. The actresses in the movie as Sri Vidya and Gauthami are added strengths to the movie. Karan does his villainy with near perfection. The music and cinematography add to the credentials of the movie. Music is by Mahesh, and. The movie is worth a watch and proves to be a good family entertainer.


The screenplay by Kamal Haasan and the direction by Sethumadhavan are neatly done. Although the movie’s story is something which audiences have already come across, there is a novelty in it. There is no excessive emphasis on the disease that Kamal Haasan suffers. The emotions are balanced, and there is the right mix of sentiments in the movie.

What is there?

  • Delivery by the artists, including the versatile actor Kamal Haasan is worth applauding.
  • The camera has been handled well, and above the existing standards in Tamil cinema.
  • The screenplay by Kamal Haasan is impeccable and flawless.
  • Cinematography has been vigilantly handled by Madhu Ambat.
  • Music by Mahesh is hummable. 

What is not there?

  • There is no separate comedy track in the movie.
  • The editing is by N P Sathish, and it could have been crisper.  


The movie Nammavar proves to be a pleasant family entertainer.