Plot The story is about four brothers quadruplets who get separated away from their parents as well as away from each other Years later all of them are far

Michael Madana Kamarajan Movie Review

Michael Madana Kamarajan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Michael Madana Kamarajan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-10-1990
Genre: Comedy
4 / 5.0

Plot: The story is about four brothers, quadruplets, who get separated away from their parents as well as away from each other. Years later, all of them are far away from each other and in different positions in life. One of them Madhav, who was staying with Venugopal not knowing that he is his biological father, has become a wealthy entrepreneur and came to India to take control over his father’s property. Michael is a criminal like his father while another brother Raju is a firefighter who falls in love with Shalini.

Kameshwaran is the last brother who cooks for events and later marries Thirupurasundari. Things take a turn when somehow the four brothers come face to face somehow and how they deal with the situation. Madhav appoints Raju to take his place in Bangalore while he goes to deal with his father’s death in Chennai. Michael is hired to kill Madhav. Madhav comes to know that his father is still alive while Sushila realizes that he is none other than her husband and the real father of Madhav and Michael.

Raju, who was impersonating Madhav, refuses to fulfill the deal, so Avinashi hires Kameshwaran to impersonate Madhav and get his deal done. Michael comes to Madhav’s house to loot his valuables but mistakes Raju for Madhav. The entire situation becomes hilarious when Shalini and Chakkubai become doubtful of Raju and Madhav, who were not even present at that moment. Madhav too escapes from the cabin. What is left is for the viewers to see whether the chaotic situation, at last, comes to an end or not and whether the four brothers can get together after years or not.

Analysis: The story is by Kamal Hassan and Kader Kashmiri. It is comic but also very chaotic. Director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao has made the film into an excellent one, and his work is immensely admirable. Under him, the movie has turned out to be the way it should and in the best possible way. The screenplay which is also by Hassan has received immense appreciation. As far as dialogue is concerned, all the credit goes to Crazy Mohan whose skill at writing such hilarious dialogues play a huge role in making the film work.

Everybody who has watched it appreciates Mohan’s brilliant dialogue writing. Both Kamal and Crazy Mohan do an outstanding job that makes the film so fascinating to watch. The film does not lack anything as such. Every aspect is treated with equal importance. The cinematography is by B. C. Gowrishankar is also appreciated. Music by IIaiyaraaja also goes along with the scenes and timing very well. In a film like this, there can be no mistake.

Star Performance: Kamal Hassan has the lead in the film in four different roles. There is no doubt that in this movie he has given one of his best performances. Kamal has excellent screen timing. There can be complaint and no mistakes with his performance. In every scene, he comes out differently and even better. In spite of him playing four different characters, he carries out all four of them equally well and assures that viewers don’t mix them up. His performance is itself one big reason why the film works and why one should not miss watching it.

Among the other actors, Urvashi as Thiripurasundari does her part the best. Just like Kamal she too has an excellent comic timing which though no match for him, is impeccable. R. N. Krishna Prasad, R. N. Jayagopal, Jaya Bharti, Nassar, Rupini, Kushboo, have all done their parts pretty well. The film overall has very skilled and efficient acting.

What’s there? One gets to watch another of Kamal Hassan’s movie’s where he plays four characters. The film is a comedy which has been prepared well and portrayed excellently.

What’s not there? There is nothing that is lacking in the movie.

Verdict: With Kamal Hassan as the actor and the story writer, the film has every reason why you should watch it.