Plot The film is about a middle-aged widower Krishnaswamy who happily lives with his children and mother-in-law falls in a trap that ruins his life Krishnaswa

Mahanadhi Movie Review

Mahanadhi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Mahanadhi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 42 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-01-1994
Genre: Action
4 / 5.0

Plot: The film is about a middle-aged widower Krishnaswamy who happily lives with his children and mother-in-law falls in a trap that ruins his life. Krishnaswamy was very satisfied with his life until Dhanush, a con appears and persuades him to join his chit fund business. Initially reluctant, he later agrees to prosper in life. Dhanush, however, had wrong intentions, and he slips away with the money thereby putting Krishnaswamy in jail. There he meets his future father-in-law Panjapakesan.

While in prison, his daughter Yamuna takes care of Krishnaswamy’s family. Panjapakesan tells him to remain submissive in to get out faster. However, in the meantime, his mother-in-law passes away, and the two children go missing. Once out, he can get his son back pretty soon who had started working with street artists. Later he gets to know from Dhanush that his daughter has been taken to a red-light area in Kolkata, and immediately he leaves for Kolkata to find and rescue her.

After a lot of difficulties, he gets his daughter back. He then decides to forget everything and start a new life with his family but comes to know that Dhanush was planning to jail him by engaging him in a murder case. Krishnaswamy is not ready to let this happen and decides to bring all of this to end. The question is how? What is interesting to see is whether Krishnaswamy resorts to taking revenge or end this entire situation by leaving everything?

Analysis: Mahanadhi is such a film that one cannot easily forget. Such a film could not be possible without the efforts of any one of the members of the cast. The story by Kamal Hassan is not just the best of all that he has written till now but also the best one will ever come across. Santhana Bharathi makes the best out of the film. It has many emotional sequences, and all of them are perfect. The story is itself so touching that one totally gets engrossed in it without having concern for any other aspect of the film.

However, the film excels at everything. Cinematography by M. S. Prabhu is superb and has depicted every detail with a lot of clarity. The music which is by IIyairaaja also suits the requirements of the film very well. Overall, it is a very effortless film to watch. It has a lot of emotions involved and some specific scenes have such marvelous presentation that one cannot get them out of their mind. It leaves a great influence on you.

Star Performance: Kamal Hassan has the lead as Krishnaswamy. He has the role of a middle-aged widower who wants to do the best for his family but falls into a trap. Once this happens he forgives and let go but he is not foolish enough to let it happen to him again. As Krishnaswamy, Hassan does a remarkable performance. He portrays the emotions and character of the father so well that it seems genuine. Certain scenes are so realistic that one cannot easily get over them. The actors depict each emotion with a lot of clarity and originality.

The film shows Hassan’s level of perfection as an artist. He is outstanding. One can say that he totally steals the show. Mahanadi Shobana as younger Kaveri is appreciated a lot for her performance. Cochin Haneefa as Dhanush too does his part perfectly. Even the others actors do effortless acting and prove themselves as skilled artists.

What’s there? The story is very appealing. Though it portrays a serious issue, it is very realistic. Kamal Hassan’s excellent portrayal as the middle-aged father of two and his ability to deliver a performance that stays with the viewers for long.

What’s not there? There is nothing that the film does not have or has missed out.

Verdict: Mahanadi is one such film that one should certainly not miss.