Summary: Kamal Haasan has the unquenchable quest for exploring depths, which no other actor or director has dared to explore. He is always seen in different a

Apoorva Sagodharargal Movie Review

Apoorva Sagodharargal Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Apoorva Sagodharargal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 37 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-04-1989
Genre: Action, Comedy
4 / 5.0


Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan has the unquenchable quest for exploring depths, which no other actor or director has dared to explore. He is always seen in different attires in his movies, and his performances pin the audiences to their seats. He has depicted a man of stunted growth in Apoorva Sagodharargal, a dwarf to be precise. In many of his other movies, he has been seen in different attires. But, for the flick, Aboorva Sagodharargal, he had to reduce his size to half his original size. It demanded plenty of painstaking effort. But, Kamal Haasan is not the type of actor to be bogged down. The very fact that he played a dwarf drew the attention of the audience during the time of the movie’s release.


Kamal Haasan emerges in the opening scene as a duty-bound cop. He arrests four notorious criminals, who were played by Nagesh, Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... Delhi Ganesh , Nassar and Jaishankar. They escape punishment and return with a vengeance. They kill the police officer, and do not spare his wife, Srividya, also. They poison her, but somehow she manages to flee from their clutches. She then gives birth to identical twins, but one among them emerges with stunted growth and is brought to a circus. The other one becomes a mechanic. The dwarf, Appu, decides to get tit-for-tat, and plans to murder the accused. How he carries that out forms the rest of the story. Appu’s look-alike, Raja, finds himself cornered by the police for the murders by his dwarf brother. These scenes send ripples of laughter across the theater. Also, there is comedy by Janakaraj, which suffices for the humorous vein in the movie.


Although the story is stereotypical, the effective screenplay has overridden the other flaws in the movie. There is no dearth to the humor in the movie. Dialogues are by Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan was born as Mohan Rangachari on Octobe >> Read More... Crazy Mohan , and they give us the feel of fun throughout the movie. The very old story has been handled well and the characters in the movie keep us entertained till the movie’s climax. The music was by Maestro Ilayaraja, which is being hummed till date.

Star Performances:

Every actor in the movie has done his role to near perfection. Kamal must have undergone plenty of physical pain, while playing the role of Appu. Graphic effects were not available in Tamil cinema at that juncture, but hats off to Kamal Haasan for making us believe that he really is a dwarf. Among the villains, the most intimidating one is the comedy actor, Nagesh.

What is there?

1. Music by Maestro Ilayaraja is one of the main assets.

2. Shots have been taken beautifully, and kudos to the cinematographer.

3. Performances by the artists are above par.

4. Comedy scenes by Janakaraj are rib-tickling.

What is not there?

1. There is hardly any flaw in this wonderfully tailored movie, except that the story is age old.


The movie drew repeated audience to the theatres during the time of its release. It is being relished even by present day youngsters.