Gold is a comedy thriller flick scripted and directed by Alphonse Puthren. Supriya Menon produced the film with Listin Stephen under Prithviraj Productions and

Gold Malayalam Movie Review

Gold Malayalam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
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Review for the film " Gold Malayalam Movie"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-12-2022
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0

Gold is a comedy thriller flick scripted and directed by Alphonse Puthren Alphonse Puthren is a versatile Indian director, a >> Read More... Alphonse Puthren . Supriya Menon Supriya Menon is a fiery Indian journalist on BBC >> Read More... Supriya Menon produced the film with Listin Stephen Listin Stephen is an Indian film distributor and p >> Read More... Listin Stephen under Prithviraj Productions and Magic Frames. Anend C. Chandran and Viswajith Odukkathil Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Viswajith Odukkathil cranked the camera, and editing is by Alphonse Puthren. Rajesh Murugesan The youth of today is certainly making a differenc >> Read More... Rajesh Murugesan composed the music. The film features Prithviraj Sukumaran Prithviraj Sukumaran is one among the bubbly actor >> Read More... Prithviraj Sukumaran , “ Nayanthara Nayantara also called as Nayanthara Kurian, is a r >> Read More... Nayanthara ,” Deepti Sati Deepti Sati is a renowned Malayalam film actress. >> Read More... Deepti Sati , Ajmal Ameer Ajmal Ameer is a well known Malayalam and Tamil ac >> Read More... Ajmal Ameer , Krishna Sankar, Shabareesh Varma Shabareesh Varma is an Indian Lyricist, Sound Engi >> Read More... Shabareesh Varma , , Vinay Forrt Vinay Forrt, the Malayalam actor, was born in 1983 >> Read More... Vinay Forrt , Roshan Mathew Roshan Mathew is a young Indian actor who made his >> Read More... Roshan Mathew , Mallika Sukumaran Mallika Sukumaran is a yesteryear actress who debu >> Read More... Mallika Sukumaran , “ Baburaj Baburaj is an Indian cinema actor and director. He >> Read More... Baburaj ,” Lalu Alex Lalu Alex is a famous actor in Malayalam cinema in >> Read More... Lalu Alex , “ Jagadish Jagadish, a veteran Malayalam actor and performer, >> Read More... Jagadish ,” Saiju Kurup Saiju Govind Kurup, known for his screen name as S >> Read More... Saiju Kurup , Suresh Krishna Suresh Krishna is a noted actor in the South India >> Read More... Suresh Krishna , Shanthi Krishna Versatile and talented, Shanthi Krishna is an actr >> Read More... Shanthi Krishna , Shammi Thilakan Son of the late actor Thilakan, Shammi Thilakan is >> Read More... Shammi Thilakan , Abu Salim Abu Salim is an Indian actor who mainly acts in M >> Read More... Abu Salim , Althaf Salim Althaf Salim is an Indian- Actor. He primarily wor >> Read More... Althaf Salim , Prem Kumar Prem Kumar is an Indian actor working in Kannada f >> Read More... Prem Kumar , “ Sudheesh Sudheesh is a popular face for the Malayalam film >> Read More... Sudheesh ,” Idavela Babu Ammanath Babu Chandran is popularly known as Idave >> Read More... Idavela Babu , Shebin Benson Shebin Benson is an Indian actor who works in the >> Read More... Shebin Benson , Jaffar Idukki, Thesni Khan Known in the Malayalam movie industry for her comi >> Read More... Thesni Khan , and Suraj Sathyan.


Joshi owns a mobile shop and is getting ready for his marriage. His mother wakes him up one day and tells him that someone has parked a truck full of speakers in front of their gate. As none was found in the truck and the entrance to his house was blocked, Joshi filed a complaint with the police. Despite the complaint, the truck still stayed there for a few days. Joshi finds out that it was not speakers but gold bars in the truck. Meanwhile, Unnikrishnan fixes his daughter’s wedding with an affluent family. What’s the connection between him, his daughter Sumangali, Joshi, and the gold truck? The rest of the film deals with it.

Star Performance

Prithviraj’s performance is excellent, as usual. Nayanthara is quite decent in the given role. The rest of the artists did what was required.


The script is different, and the screenplay is unique. But, there is nothing significant to project as an exciting story in the film. Alphonse is famous for his situation comedy. Though it is present in the movie, it doesn’t work out entirely. Though famous artists are placed, not all of them get meaty roles. The BGM is impressive. The cinematography is excellent, and the lighting is fantastic. Alphonse’s editing is neat. The “ Neram Click to look into! >> Read More... Neram ” and “ Premam Click to look into! >> Read More... Premam ” lovers expected something different from Alphonse Puthren, but the film didn’t meet their expectations.

What’s There?

  • Good star cast and performances
  • Cinematography and editing are good

What’s Not There?

  • The storyline could’ve been made better
  • The comedy worked out in parts


Though the film has its pluses and minuses, it will not disappoint you if you don’t expect much. Though the film is not close to Premam, it is okay to watch it once!