Mugulu Nage is the romantic entertainer scripted and directed by Yogaraj Bhat. The film is produced by Syed Salam, Ganesh and Yogaraj Bhat. Ganesh plays the l

Mugulu Nage Movie Review

Mugulu Nage Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mugulu Nage"
Runtime: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-09-2017
3.5 / 5.0



Mugulu Nage is the romantic entertainer scripted and directed by Yogaraj Bhat Yogaraj Bhat was born on 8th October, 1973 in Mand >> Read More... Yogaraj Bhat . The film is produced by Syed Salam, “ Ganesh Ganesh is an Indian actor and a producer who predo >> Read More... Ganesh ” and Yogaraj Bhat. Ganesh plays the lead role and he is accompanied by Apoorva Arora For someone as young as Apoorva Arora – she would >> Read More... Apoorva Arora , Ashika Ranganath and Nikitha Narayan Nikitha is a famous South Indian Actress who was b >> Read More... Nikitha Narayan . “ Jaggesh Yathiraj Jaggesh is an Indian actor, director, and >> Read More... Jaggesh ,” “ Amulya Please check back Serial story Coming soon... >> Read More... Amulya ” and Bhavana Menon Bhavana, a Malayalam Actress, was born in Thrissur >> Read More... Bhavana Menon play in cameo roles. Anant Nag, Achyuth Kumar Achyuth Kumar was born in Bangalore. He has acted >> Read More... Achyuth Kumar , Dharmanna Kadur DharmannaKadur is an Indian actor who is associate >> Read More... Dharmanna Kadur and Rangayana Raghu Rangayana Raghu was born on 30th November, 1963. H >> Read More... Rangayana Raghu are also playing the supporting cast. After Mungaru Male and “ Gaalipata Gaalipata is an emotional soap drama which has bee >> Read More... Gaalipata ,” Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh joined for Mugulu Nage. “V Harikrishna” composed the music and “Sugnan” is the cinematographer. Mysuru Talkies distributed the film.


Pulakeshi is a fun loving youngster, who wants to care his life on his own. His father is a history professor and hence he is christened with the old name. Pulakeshi meets three types of girls in his life, who have a different perception of life and love. In each stage of meeting them, Pulakeshi falls in love with each one of them. Whom does he really love? Who suits Pulakeshi, is that a college student, a small town girl or a guitarist? Watch the romantic entertainer in theaters.

Star Performance

Ganesh shows a lot of maturity in his performance and impresses us. Apoorva Arora, Ashika Ranganath and Nikitha Narayan had done their best and they are not given the template heroine roles. Achyuth and Dharmanna have also done justice to their roles. Every star in the film has been given space to emote on their way.


Yogaraj and Ganesh combination had always been a magical one and Mugulu Nage is not an exception. Yograj has the capacity to bring the acting talent from the stars. Yogaraj has once again proved that he is one among the best makers to produce different scripts for the talented stars.

What’s There?

  • Performance of the stars is excellent
  • Script is unique and it is well executed by Yogaraj
  • Cameo appearances of Bhavana, Amulya and Jaggesh add extra excitement
  • Music and the visuals are the real treats to the ears and the eyes respectively

What’s Not There?

  • Except for some tiny mistakes, nothing is big to pin point as a negative point


Mugulu Nage is not only for the youngsters but the seniors too. To forget all the worries and to make a recap on the sweet past, Mugulu Nage helps. Mugulu Nage – A Magical Movie with Yogaraj’s touch!