The Great Indian Murder is a web series scripted and directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The series has the main cast of Richa Chadda, Pratik Gandhi, Ashutosh Rana, R

The Great Indian Murder Webseries Review

The Great Indian Murder Webseries Review English Movie Review
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Review for the film " The Great Indian Murder"
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Runtime: TBC
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-02-2022
3.5 / 5.0

The Great Indian Murder is a web series scripted and directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia Tigmanshu Dhulia is a super talented and multi-fac >> Read More... Tigmanshu Dhulia . The series has the main cast of Richa Chadda Richa Chadda is a new and sultry Indian actress. S >> Read More... Richa Chadda , Pratik Gandhi Prateek Gandhi is a film and theatre actor who mai >> Read More... Pratik Gandhi , Ashutosh Rana A versatile actor, Ashutosh has worked in Indian f >> Read More... Ashutosh Rana , Raghuvir Yadav, Sharib Hashmi Sharib Hashmi is a very popular Hindi film actor w >> Read More... Sharib Hashmi , Paoli Dam The Bengali film actress was born on 4th October 1 >> Read More... Paoli Dam , Shashank Arora Shashank arora deservingly famed personality was b >> Read More... Shashank Arora , Amey Wagh Amey Wagh was born on November 13, 1987 and he is >> Read More... Amey Wagh , Jatin Goswami Born in Dergaon, a small town in Assam, Jatin Gosw >> Read More... Jatin Goswami , Himanshi Choudhary, Rucha Inamdar, Ronjini Chakraborty Ronjini Chakraborty came from the City of Joy, Kol >> Read More... Ronjini Chakraborty , Neelu Dogra Neelu Dogra is an Indian actress, trainer, and the >> Read More... Neelu Dogra , Kali Prasad Mukherjee Kali Prasad Mukherjee is one of the experienced pe >> Read More... Kali Prasad Mukherjee , Nikita Grover Nikita Grover is acclaimed among the Indian audien >> Read More... Nikita Grover , Rajat Bhagat Rajat Bhagat is an Indian film and theatre actor a >> Read More... Rajat Bhagat , Deepraj Rana Although belonging to Allahabad, where he did his >> Read More... Deepraj Rana , Namita Bharali, Lokesh Pandit Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Lokesh Pandit , Tanmay Ranjan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Tanmay Ranjan , Krishan Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Krishan Kumar , Rashmi Sachdeva Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rashmi Sachdeva , Deboprasad Halder Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Deboprasad Halder , and many others are cast. Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgn is an Indian film actor. He is perhaps >> Read More... Ajay Devgan , Amod Sinha, and Namrata Sinha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Namrata Sinha produced the series. Raghu Dixit Raghu Dixit, born in Mysuru, Karnataka, is a famou >> Read More... Raghu Dixit and Ketan Sodha With over a decade-long career in the Indian Film >> Read More... Ketan Sodha composed the music. Rishi Punjabi Rishi Punjabi is an Indian cinematographer. He was >> Read More... Rishi Punjabi cranked the camera and editing is by Prathamesh Chande and Unnikrishnan Payoor Parameswaran.


Vikrant, aka Vicky Rai, is the son of the Minister, Jagannath Singh. Vicky is an industrialist who leads his life luxuriously. He was charged with harassing and murdering two girls. As his father is a minister, he escapes from the case. To celebrate his acquittal, he arranges a huge party and he had never guessed that it would be his last party. He was murdered at the party, and his father, Jagannath Singh demands a CBI inquiry. At the place of murder, two men with guns are arrested. Suraj Yadav, the CBI, and Sudha Bharadwaj, the local cop screw up the investigation to find the real murderer. Were they able to catch the murderer? The rest of the story follows it.

Star Performance

Pratik Gandhi, Sudha Bharadwaj, and Richa Chadda got interesting roles and did it well. Ashutosh Rana had played his role naturally as the Minister. Raghuvir Yadav, Sharib Hashmi, Jatin Goswami, Paoli Dam, and Shashank Arora did their parts well.


Tigmanshu Dhulia has taken a murder mystery on his hands to keep the audience staring at the screens without blinking. The screenplay is pretty interesting, and the characters are finely penned. The casting team has chosen the right artists for every role and satisfied the makers and the audience. Although there are similar kinds of stories made, the screenplay and execution in this series are pretty exciting and admirable. The producers like Ajay Devgan should be appreciated for bankrolling interesting subjects. The music and the visuals are interesting, and they sync well with the script’s flow.

What’s There?

  • The script, screenplay, and narration are appreciable
  • The stars’ performance is excellent
  • The series is sound, technically

What’s Not There?

  • A few minor flaws


Based on the novel, Six Suspects, the series has a lot of exciting scenes, twists, and turns. The screenplay made us doubt a person responsible for the murder many times. It is the success of the writing. If you are a fan of the murder mystery genre, this series would impress you.