An Ekta Kapoor produced movie what can we assume it to be Ragini MMS a movie inspired by a real life incident of a girl from Delhi and about the MMS that g

Ragini MMS Movie Review

Ragini MMS Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Ragini MMS"
Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 13-05-2011
Genre: Drama, Horror
2 / 5.0

An Ekta Kapoor produced movie, what can we assume it to be.

Ragini MMS, a movie inspired by a real life incident of a girl from Delhi, and about the MMS that goes viral.


Ragini ( Kainaz Motivala) and Uday (Rajkumar Rao) go out to spend their holidays in a farmhouse deep inside a forest. They are accompanied by Ragini’s friend, Pia and her boyfriend. Back in his mind, Uday wants to make a dirty MMS of him and Ragini, in order to become famous and become an actor.

There are misconceptions between Uday and Pia’s boyfriend, Vishal, as he is latched inside one of the rooms, and Uday is suspected as the culprit.

Ignoring this, the movie solely shifts to the couple, Ragini and Uday, who decide to get naughty in the darkest hour of the night.

But due to some paranormal activity happening in the room, Uday is thrown away from Ragini and he faces numerous bruises. Their fear increase when repeated attacks happen on Uday. The attacks reach to such heights that Uday finally commits suicide.

Ragini is left alone in the room with the handcuffs on. Will the girl survive, or will she also commit suicide? Is there even any paranormal activity in the house? Watch to find out.


A true story always excites the audience with a tinge of horror and sex. Nothing else can be better than this combination. However, Director Pawan Kriplani could have used much better instances and effects in the movie.

Star Performances:

There is no special appreciation for the star cast. Rajkumar Rao and Kainaz Motivala are able to do justice to their characters. The fear of something paranormal happening around does not match her expression. Also, supporting actors are way less than supporting, and the movie strictly revolves around Ragini and her ways of eloping out of the house.

What’s there?

1. Horror.

2. Specific horror instances.

What’s not there?

1. A more interesting way to narrate the story should have been there, which is not seen here.


Out for a horror movie with suspense, this is the movie of the year, which in its short duration will make you sit upright, at times, on your seat. Also, while watching the movie, when one thinks that it is based on a true story, then one will surely feel the fear.