Pratighaat The Revenge is a movie with one of the strongest female performances in Indian Cinema The story is both very driven and strong The director of th

Pratighaat Movie Review

Pratighaat Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Pratighaat"
Runtime: 2 Hours 44 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 17-03-1987
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Pratighaat (The Revenge) is a movie with one of the strongest female performances in Indian Cinema. The story is both very driven and strong. The director of this film N. Chandra opted for a cast that wasn’t very mainstream, but made sure their performances were remembered.


Pratighaat is a story set in a village on the edge of Hyderabad where law and order is a joke. When Laxmi ( Sujata Mehta), a college professor, moves to her martial village she finds the law and order haywire and a self-proclaimed king of the village Kali Prasad ( Charan Raj) who himself is the convict, the lawyer, the judge, and the jury. The story turns a turn when Laxmi witnesses a police inspector (Laxmi’s friend) murdered in the middle of the street. When she decided to file a complaint against Kali, he disrobes her in public. After this insult, Laxmi is ignited with revenge. With the help of Durga ( Rohini Hattangadi), who was once gang-raped by Kali, she wants to make Kali’s life a living hell. But, how will she accomplish that?


For starters, it’s not a very different film but, it's a female-oriented movie; it was a big deal in 1987. Pratighaat, even though executed on a small scale, production–wise, it is a movie made straight from the heart. The director is successful to encapture the emotion, the violence, and the rage in the rawest form. The main USP of the film was its emotion as there had been subsequent movies on a similar topic. The movie is not about grandeur or scale it's entirely one's will and might. You strongly connect with the characters and the scenario. You feel turbulent towards Kali (which shows what great actor he is). The plot is simple yet very enticing and interesting. The staggering performances of the entire cast have Aided to its success. N. Chandra is known for making movies that are very low budget, yet have a great impact on the minds of the audience.

Star Performances

Sujata Mehta is seen as the leading lady named Laxmi, she’s true to her character and shows the needed zest. Rohini Hattangadi is in the supporting cast, she has a great part to play and does it seamlessly. Nana Patekar is seen as a rejected police officer and does his own magic for the short amount of time we see him on screen. Charan Raj, who plays Kali, also has you wound up in his grey character.

What’s there?

A simple story with a great message.

The direction is fabulous and worthy of mention.

The star performances are very raw yet blended.

The narrative is simple yet enticing.

What’s not there?

There are very few cliché scenes, but that no way comes in way of the narrative.

The film looks low budget, and could have improved technically.


Pratighaat is a movie worth watching. The strong performances and storytelling depict the dice at that time.