Here is the PLOT of this movie as far as we could analyze Keep watching this space for latest updates Hum Toh Chale London revolves around the lives of three

Hum Toh Chale London Movie Review

Hum Toh Chale London Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Hum Toh Chale London"
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Genre: Comedy



Here is the PLOT of this movie as far as we could analyze. Keep watching this space for latest updates.

Hum Toh Chale London revolves around the lives of three youngsters Sooki, Dara, and Balli. Jasleen plays Sooki, an independent woman working as a marketing analyst and staying with her mother in New Delhi who is waiting to fulfill her dreams. She is trying her level best to manage her professional life along with her family. Anuj Gill plays Dara, who works in a gym as a masseur and personal instructor. He is tired of doing minor chores at home but cannot help.

Also, Dara has to face his father’s taunts who blame him for being aimless in life. He too wants to do something great especially change his lifestyle. The third character is Balli played by Amit Bhardwaj, an aspiring model who gets chucked out in the first round of a modeling contest. His elder brother Harbhajan Singh taunts him and is tired of him. He too wishes to fulfill his dreams. Another character Kuku played by Tarun Bajaj an entrepreneur and Sooki’s friend who runs a job placement firm. He helps the three of them in realizing the right path to success in their lives. All three of them have dreams, and they want to make it big in life. They want to move to London and take up their respective careers there as well as earn handsomely.

However, there is always a twist to the story. Something happens in the lives of these three youngsters that affect them so drastically that they have to give up their aspirations and concentrate on something new. The challenge they face is giving up their dreams and taking up whatever comes on their way. However, it also has a good side to it. The change in life makes the three of them stronger. It inculcates a ‘do or die’ attitude in them. With time, we see the three of them becoming mature and more responsible. Not only this, the incident that shatters their dream of moving to London and working there also makes them realize the worth of their country, India.

The movie is for the youth to help them understand the value of their motherland. Directed by Prakash Saini and written by Amit Bhardwaj, Hum Toh Chale London also has a humorous touch to it while portraying a message.