Romance is the most tried genre in Indian cinema Many filmmakers have tasted success by interspersing romance with the right dosage of sentiments and action D

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie Review

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge"
Runtime: 3 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-10-1995
4.25 / 5.0



Romance is the most tried genre in Indian cinema. Many filmmakers have tasted success by interspersing romance with the right dosage of sentiments and action. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is one such film which has all the ingredients of a successful film. Now let’s delve into the different aspects of this Shahrukh Khan-Kajol starrer.


Kajol belongs to a traditional Hindu family who lives in London. She lives a happy life with parents Amrish Puri and Farida Jalal and her sister. She also has dreams of her married life. Her father fixes her marriage with one Singh in Punjab which is not whole-heartedly accepted by Kajol. Once Kajol travels to Europe with her friends, after convincing her strict father. There she meets playboy Shah Rukh Khan and slowly befriends him. It is only when the trip gets over that Kajol realizes that she in fact loves Shah Rukh Khan, who had already started developing feelings for her. But she has to return to India. What happens to her love? Will she unite with Shah Rukh which seems to be a mirage? Will her conservative father, who had already fixed a groom for her, accept Shah Rukh? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

This movie has two of the most charismatic stars of Indian film industry, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. You cannot but fall in love with the character of Shah Rukh Khan and you will surely empathize with him when he tries hard to win the love of Kajol. Kajol, on her part, does an excellent job as the girl torn between the love of her father and lover. Amrish Puri, as usual, essays his role with utter conviction. Farida Jalal, Mandira Bedi, Anupam Kher and the rest of the supporting cast ably support.


Director Aditya Chopra has the knack of delivering a picture-perfect script with neat execution. He has extracted the best of Shah Rukh and Kajol and it is no exaggeration to tell that he has given a romantic treat for us.

What’s there?

  • The onscreen chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol is amazing.
  • The pleasant music by Jatin-Lalit is a treat to the ears.
  • The cinematography by    is par excellence.
  • The pace of the film is engrossing.

What’s not there?

Nothing really.


DDLJ….you will fall in love with the film.