Keanu Reaves portraying the role of a Police officer for the first time in an action-packed thriller with some unique chase sequences along with some adrenaline

Speed English Movie Review

Speed English Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Speed English"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 10-06-1994
3.6 / 5.0



Keanu Reaves portraying the role of a Police officer for the first time in an action-packed thriller with some unique chase sequences along with some adrenaline pump throughout the movie. Speed has won two Academy Awards; it is a Disaster Action film directed by debutant director Jan de Bont.

Plot:  Swat Officers Jack Traven and Harry Temple just thwart the attempt of a bomber to hold an elevator full of people for a ransom of 3 million. After some time, Jack watches a city bus explode in front of him. And soon the bomber contacts him telling him that a similar bomb has been placed on another running bus that will get activated if the bus goes more than 50 miles/hour and will explode if the speed drops below 50 and if any of passenger tries to escape the bus he will set the off the bomb. Jack understands the situation and makes it to the bus but by the time he boards the bus; the speed is over 50 miles/hour, and then bomb has been activated. Jack tries to explain the situation to the driver but a small criminal present inside the bus fears of getting caught by Jack fire a bullet that hits the driver of the bus.

One of the passenger Annie starts driving the bus while Jack examines the bomb and calls Harry, who is busy in identifying the bomber and his location. Jack tries to make the passengers escape the bus but gets failed because the bomber has been watching him with the help of a hidden camera inside the bus. After a successful bluff played towards the bomber, Jack makes the passengers leaves the bus and then Annie and Jack also escape the bus leaving it empty to get exploded with the collision with an empty cargo. Howard, the bomber realizing that he has been fooled seizes Annie. And when Jack put the money of ransom in the waste can, he examines that the bottom of the waste can is connected to a mid red line subway. Jack finds Annie wearing a jacket with explosives and tied to one of the poles of the subway. After a hand fight at the top of the train, jack defeats Howard but still he has to stop the subway from crashing and has to free Annie from that explosives.

Analysis: Jan de Bont has been a cinematographer in many movies such as die hard, and he has learnt the art of showcasing action sequences without making the audience believe that they have seen it before. The movie shows three successful operations, Some hand fights, two actions packed chases that are a delight for an action lover.

Star Performances: It was the first time for Keanu Reaves to play a role of this kind, as he has been playing sensitive characters, but he played the role of an officer of Bomb Squad of LAPD really well.

What's there? 1. Action-packed sequences, which will give you adrenaline rush throughout the movie. 2. Nail biting fight sequences with unexpected twists.

What's not there? 1. The romantic angle between Annie and Jack was quite on the lower side. 2. It will make you feel that some scenes you have seen before.

Verdict: Speed deserves all the awards it has got as it is one of the best films of its kind. And if you enjoy action and chasing sequences, this film is a must watch for you.