Plot Jack and Jill is a movie starring Adam Sandler who plays Jack as well as Jill observing the element of cross-dressing Jack is a man with a happy and b

Jack And Jill Movie Review

Jack And Jill Movie Review English
Review for the film " Jack and Jill"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-11-2011
Genre: Comedy, Family
1.5 / 5.0




Jack and Jill is a movie starring Adam Sandler, who plays Jack as well as Jill, observing the element of cross-dressing. Jack is a man with a happy and beautiful family that includes a wife and a child. He is a very successful man in his career, and the only thing he wants to escape in his life is the festival of Thanksgiving.

It is because this time of the year brings a reunion of his twin sister, Jill. Jack becomes impatient and tries to get rid of his sister because Jill is aggressive and unreasonably maddening who just doesn’t want to leave. This movie that is supposed to be a comedy genre is one of the worst movies done by Adam Sandler. The guest appearance done by Al Pacino as himself doesn’t help the movie in anyway.

The first fifteen minutes of the movies gives a fairly positive and promising start that gives a rise in our expectations from the movie that sees a great downfall. The half of the movie is reluctantly bearable, and the next half just makes you question your decision of watching this movie.

There are elements of comedy but only seldom do you feel it be funny. On the contrary, you may become impatient of the trying hard of these characters to make us laugh and fail eventually. This movie can be treated as a huge wake-up call for Adam Sandler, who needs to work really on the kind of movie he does.

This movie can be without doubt considered one of the worst movies that Adam has done ever. As much as the film attempts all its might to be funny, making us impatient in the process, the direction of the movie has many glitches too.


The movie is not worth even a single watch because it might just render you traumatized by the kind of comedy that required a visible amount of efforts and still didn’t work.