DD’s Teary Letter To Her Father!

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

DD’s Teary Letter To Her Father!

Dhivyadharshini Dhivyadharshini is a Tamil TV show host and compe >> Read More... Dhivyadharshini ” had never failed to mention about her father in each and every stage when she was honored. Today on the Father’s Day, she had posted a letter to her father, who is no more and captioned the letter as, “A letter to my Appa on his 15th anniversary, June 17th
n ya #HappyFathersDay TO ALL.”

Her letter is here:

"A Letter From A Poor Daughter!

அன்புள்ள அப்பா Its been 15 years today since you left us. Today I childishly wish you could come back to us for an hour to see how your 2 daughters and son are doing for themselves and what we made of ourselves with all the values you taught us and how we are paying it forward to this world. However, happy I am today to let you know that I have lived up to the promises I made to the silent you on this day. I would also wanna let you show the biggest regret today. No matter how much I earn today, my biggest saddest regret would be that I couldn’t buy you a shirt, cos during the time you left us you only had two good shirts for yourself, and we didn’t even know this.Today, I would give the world anything to buy a good shirt with my hard earned money. For this, till my last dayI will be the Poorest Daughter .

You are missed அப்பா 

DD Neelakandan