Top 10 Underrated Pollywood Movies You Need To Watch

Top 10 Underrated Pollywood Movies You Need To Watch Punjabi Article

Since every movie in Pollywood is a hit, sometimes we aren’t able to see the best Punjabi movie. So, here in this article, we listed the top 10 underrated Pollywood movies you surely need to watch.




1. Ik Kudi Punjab Di

It is an old movie. But it is the best movie made in the Pollywood industry. The story is about a Punjabi boy who aims to live a peaceful life with his lover Navneet. But later, he leaves her, thinking she deserves better than him. It is a very emotional romantic movie. So, grab the tissue before watching this movie. The director of this film is Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh is a Punjabi film director and a re >> Read More... Manmohan Singh .


2. Chauthi Koot

It is a very psychological type of movie. You have to rewatch this movie to understand this story. It is one type of horror or, maybe we can say, it is a thriller movie. The director of this film is Gurvinder Singh Gurvinder Singh was born in Delhi in a Sikh family >> Read More... Gurvinder Singh . Harnek Aulakh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Harnek Aulakh , Suvinder Vikky, Tejpal Singh is cast in this movie. This movie also went to Festival de Cannes. This movie is available on every platform, like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.


3. Munde U.K. De

It is one funniest movies you have ever watched in the Punjabi industry. Munde U.K. De shows how a Punjabi guy tries to fit in the London, not knowing proper English. It is the best movie to watch with your friends and also with your family. So, grab the popcorn and enjoy this movie. Jimmy Sheirgill and Neeru Bajwa Neeru Bajwa, is a Punjabi actress born on 26th Aug >> Read More... Neeru Bajwa are the main characters in this movie.

4. Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe

This movie is a biography of a beautiful person Bhagat Pureen Singh. He is a gentle and very polite person who left his luxurious life to help poor people in society and, later, he became a great writer. It is one of the most motivational and inspirational movies. It is the best movie to watch with your family. The director of these films is Harjit Singh. Pavan Malhotra Pavan Malhotra is a famous actor and is seen on te >> Read More... Pavan Malhotra and Arjuna Bhalla Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arjuna Bhalla are in the lead role in this movie.


5. Harjeeta

Harjeeta is a sports drama movie. This movie is about how a Punjabi guy struggles to join in Indian National field hockey team and win the world cup. It’s a very inspirational and motivational movie. The director of this film is Vijay Kumar Arora Vijay Kumar Arora is the director of photography o >> Read More... Vijay Kumar Arora . Ammy Virk Ammy Virk is a talented singer, actor, and produce >> Read More... Ammy Virk is the lead character in this film.


6. Needhi Singh

This movie is a women empowerment movie. This film is a true story of a village girl and how she faces difficulties and obstacles. But she also takes revenge on those who did wrong to her. It is a very inspirational movie to watch. The director of this movie is Jaivi Dhanda Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jaivi Dhanda . Kulraj Randhawa Kulraj Kaur Randhawa is an Indian film and televis >> Read More... Kulraj Randhawa played the role of Needhi Singh.


7. Oh My Pyo Ji

Oh My Pyo Ji is a romantic comedy movie. It is the best movie to watch with your loved one. The director of these film is Niharika Sahni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Niharika Sahni and Rai Yuvraj Bains. Binnu Dhillon Binnu Dhillon(real name Birender Singh Dhillon) is >> Read More... Binnu Dhillon and Sardar Sohi Sardar Sohi, also known as Parmjeet Singh Sohi, wa >> Read More... Sardar Sohi are the main characters in this film.


8. Sardar Mohammad

This movie is a true story. The story is about the period of the Indian-Pakistan partition era when an Indian Sikh Policeman faces so many struggles. 

The best part of the film is the visuals. The way they edited these films is speechless. The director of this movie is Harry Bhatti Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Harry Bhatti . Tarsem Jassar Tarsem Jassar was born on the 4th of July, 1986, i >> Read More... Tarsem Jassar , Karamjit Anmol Karamjit Anmol is an Indian actor, vocalist and di >> Read More... Karamjit Anmol , and Rahul Jungral Rahul Jungral is a Punjabi actor and model who is >> Read More... Rahul Jungral are lead characters in these films.

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9. Kala Shah Kala

Usually, Punjabi peoples are not black. But this film shows how a black Punjabi guy struggles to get fair.

And due to his dark complex, many girls rejected him. And he tries to get fair in the complex by listening to his family’s remedies which don’t work. But later on, he accepts himself for the way he looks. It is a hilarious film to watch. Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta Sargun Mehta is an Indian model, comedian, actress >> Read More... Sargun Mehta are the lead characters in this movie.

10. Bambukat

Bambukat is the story of two sisters' first sister was fair complex.

And the other one is dusty and black complex. It is a very emotional and heart-touching story. So, grab your tissue before watching this film. Ammy Virk, Simi Chahal Simranpreet Kaur Chahal is an actress from Ambala, >> Read More... Simi Chahal , and Binnu Dhillon are the main characters in these films.