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Top 10 Movies That Enabled The North Industry To Stand Alone

Top 10 Movies That Enabled The North Industry To Stand Alone Punjabi Article

India is a diverse nation and consists of diversified entertainment industry. Indian film industry is composed of the various languages film industry. This diversity in the industry makes India’s Cinema different and makes the market more difficult for others. North India’s Entertainment industry comprises films produced in Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. The film industry of Punjab (Pollywood) is the leading film industry in the region, with Haryana and Himachal film industries comparatively budding. In the doldrums of decades, the north industry is now coming into action. The Hindi film industry ( Bollywood) is no longer considered the Indian film industry. The perceptions have changed because of the firm and unique content, talented actor, and others who are the actual magicians. The following is the list of movies that helped the north industry to stand alone:-

1. Jatt Jeona Morh (1992)

Jatt Jeona Morh is a 1992 Indian Punjabi-language film directed by Ravinder Ravi Ravinder Ravi belongs to Ludhiana, Punjab He was b >> Read More... . It depicts the life of Daku Jatt Jeona Morh. So we can say it is his biography. It became an all-time blockbuster in Punjab. It was the profit-making movie of the time.

2. Jee Aayan Nu A meaningful conversation clears up our minds and >> Read More... (2002)

Jee Aayan Nu is a love story of Simar and Inder. The story is about a couple has to overcome all their differences to stay together as one is from Canada, and the other is from India. Under the incredible direction of Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh is a Punjabi film director and a re >> Read More... it became the most successful Punjabi movie. Jee Aayan Nu features Harbajan Maan and Priya Gill Mainly a Hindi film actress, Priya Gill has done o >> Read More... .

3. Chal Mere Putt 2 (2020)

Chal Mere Putt 2 is a Punjabi film directed by Janjot Singh. It is a sequel to the movie Chal Mere Putt (2019). The movie features Amrinder Gill Amrinder Gill is a singer and actor in Punjab’s fi >> Read More... , Simi Chahal Simranpreet Kaur Chahal is an actress from Ambala, >> Read More... , and Garry Sandhu Gurmukh Singh Sandhu or Garry Sandhu is born in a >> Read More... in lead roles. The story is about Punjabi immigrants who try hard to make a living in a foreign land. It revolves how they struggle to get permanent residency there. The release was affected due to the outbreak of coronavirus, but it was re-released worldwide on 27th August 2021.

4. Saunkan Saunke (2022)

This is a movie about a husband and two wives written by Amberdeep Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The movie revolves around how married couple who has everything but no child. The wife persuades her husband to marry her younger sister, but sharing her husband proves more difficult than she thought. Saunkan Saunkne is a blend of drama and situational comedy set in the 70s.

5. Rishton Ki Saanjh (2017)

The story begins when Saanjh, the protagonist, is sent away to live, with her grandmother, and later, she becomes the victim of bogus social media posts. It’s a must-watch film that beautifully portrays emotions and relationships. Ajay Saklani Bio coming soon... >> Read More... with his tremendous directing skills meticulously presented the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

6. Dille Ch Vasya Koi (2011)

Dille Ch Vasya Koi is a story of a young boy, Raju who is a slate mine worker. It is debut feature film of Sanjeev Ratna and is a sweet account of love and life. Dille Ch Vasya Koi received an award at 59th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... in 2011.

7. Chandrawal (1984)

Chandrawal is a Haryanavi film. It is the third film that was released after the establishment of the industry and is known as a financially successful movie. Late. Shri Devi Shankar Prabhakar contributed with his writing skills and produced by Usha Sharma Usha Sharma is an Indian graceful Dancer and An Ac >> Read More... . It narrates the story of a girl of Gadia Lohar Rajput Community, Chandrawal, who gets romantically involved with a Haryanavi boy, Suraj.

8. Laado (2000)

Laado is a Haryanavi romantic film directed by Ashwini Chaudhary Ashwini Chaudhary is a director in the Hindi Film >> Read More... , starring Ashutosh Rana A versatile actor, Ashutosh has worked in Indian f >> Read More... and Arundhati. When Arwind goes off to a job in the big city newlywed bride, Urmi is left alone with her in-laws and falls in love with her brother in-law. This movie was the first Haryanavi movie to win a national award. It Won the Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director at the 2000 National Film Awards.

9. Satrangi (2016)

Satrangi is a Haryanavi award-winning movie released in 2016. It is directed by Sandeep Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . It is about a special bond shared by a daughter and a father. This movie has received an award at National Film Awards. Movies special screening was held at the residence of chief minister.

10. Pagdhi, The Honor (2014)

Pagdhi, The Honor is a family drama film directed by Rajeev Bhatia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and featuring Baljinder Kaur Sharma, Nidhi Mahila, Ravi Chauhan Ravi Chauhan plays the role of supporting actor in >> Read More... , and Yashpal Sharma Yashpal Sharma is that actor who has performed his >> Read More... in the lead roles. Pagdhi, is a movie about honor versus love. In Pagdhi we see the struggle of an older man to accept the love affair of his son. Pagdhi, is the first Haryanavi film to win two National film awards. It comes under the category of best movies of Haryana.