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Top 5 Bollywood Sex Comedies

Author: Pradeep Kumar Mitra
Top 5 Bollywood Sex Comedies Hindi Article

Gone are those days when sex was symbolically portrayed through flower necking and dancing to songs on mountains and beaches. Bollywood has evolved pretty well if we talk about adult films and accepting sexual jokes. Bringing you a list of top 5 sex comedies that were ever produced:

1. Hunterrr

Hunterrr is a story of a man who is obsessed with sex all his life. “A rated” Sex and Comedy film. it will not make you uncomfortable, and you will love it. If you're up for something naughty, try Hunterrr.

2. Mumbai Matinee

The story about a 30-year-old virgin who seeks the help of a Baba Hindustani to change his single status, the film is not everyone's cup of tea. You have got to have one kind of a sense of humor to enjoy Mumbai Matinee. Late Anant Balani's intelligent screenplay makes this comedy a laugh-a-minute flick. Mumbai Matinee is about life generally- ‘There are no rules in Bombay, anything is possible here.’

3. Style

“Excuse me? Kya re? Tere pey dil fida re!”
Story about devil-may-care college students and teenyboppers! The film was first ever adult comedy which showed off all the elements of a wholesome entertainer.

4. Kya Kool Hai Hum

Kya Kool... has moments where we smirk, and there are the lines that are intelligently penned. The first movie is much better than the other two movies that followed it.

5. Masti

Indra Kumar´s sex comedy "Masti" is a more easy going film. The movie introduced us to Amar, Prem, and Meet, and one unforgettable laugh riot. Ajay Devgan gave the much-needed excitement to the dull life of the three heroes. The film tickled our funny bone with its fresh one-liners.