Top 10 Hindi Love Songs That Have Fun Music

Top 10 Hindi Love Songs That Have Fun Music- Hindi Article

Are you bored of listening to the same romantic songs? Most of them have sad/tragic music! We have a fresh list of Hindi love songs that have fun tunes. 

1. Hey Ya

The song Hey Ya have subtle lyrics and can be listened to on loop. It is from the movie Karthik Calling Karthik Click to look into! >> Read More... Karthik Calling Karthik . With fun lyrics and calm lyrics, the song is the perfect vibe!


2. Abhi Kuchh Dino Se

A beautiful love song by Pritam and Mohit Chauhan Mohit Chauhan is a Bollywood playback singer. He w >> Read More... Mohit Chauhan is Abhi Kuchh Dino Se from the Bollywood movie Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji. "Hai Dil Pe Shak Mera, Ise Pyaar Hogaya," how cute! The music is perfect!

3. Te Amo

With the harmonious music and appealing lyrics, another love son on the list is Te Amo from the movie Dum Maaro Dum Click to look into! >> Read More... Dum Maaro Dum . "Te Amo, Mi Te Amo," meaning I love you, I love you so much. How cute!


4. Rang Saari

A melodious romantic song by Kavita Seth Kavita Seth is a Hindi playback singer born in Utt >> Read More... Kavita Seth and Kanishk Seth Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Kanishk Seth is Rang Saari. It has a piece of appealing music and a perfect vibe. "Mohe Maare Nazariya, Sawariya Re," lyrics are catchy too.


5. Kyon

Another cute romantic song by Pritam and Papon on the list is Kyon from the Bollywood movie Barfi. "Kyon Na Hum Tum Chae Tede Mere Se Raste Mein Nange Paao Re," add this to your bucket list and this song to your playlist!


6. DilI Badat

Making a list of romantic Hindi songs and not adding one by KK feels illegal. The song DilIbadat from the movie Tum Mile Click to look into! >> Read More... Tum Mile has beautiful lyrics and melodic music. A perfect vibe and song to listen to on loop!


7. Katiya Karu

A beautiful song by Harshdeep Kaur Harshdeep Kaur is an Indian playback singer who ha >> Read More... Harshdeep Kaur is Katiya Karu from the Bollywood film Rockstar. It has a piece of very melodic and fun music. A perfect vibe and song to listen to on loop!


8. O Meri Jaan

"Dil Khudgarz Hai," for real. The song O Meri Jaan by Pritam and KK is from the Bollywood movie Life In A Metro. It has distinguishable music with a piece of harmonious tunes. A perfect vibe, "O Meri Jaan."


9. Saibo

"Man Hai Sahib Jee, Jaane Hai Sab Ji, Phir Bhi Banaye Bahane," The song Saibo from the movie Shor In The City has very profound and cute lyrics. As musical as the lyrics are, the music is also fun, with a perfect vibe.

10. Achha Lagta Hai

A cute song by Shankar Ehsan Loy, and Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal, one of the most famous singers in >> Read More... Shreya Ghoshal is Achha Lagta Hai from the Bollywood socio-political film Aarakshan. It has fun music!