List Of Popular Indian Games

List Of Popular Indian Games Hindi Article

The gaming industry in India has grown at an exponential rate. This isn't too surprising considering the average age in India is below 30, and smartphones capable of playing mobile games come at a low cost. Around five years ago, the industry was valued at around $300 million, whereas today's market is estimated to be worth over $1 billion.

This article will look at the most popular titles in India and what’s trending right now.

Contemporary classics

The most recent and relevant new video and mobile games are all the rage in India. Some of these - such as COD, DOTA, GTA, etc. are popular due to YouTube gaming influencers. There are some successful YouTube gamers in India, and two of the biggest speak Hindi.

Beast Boy Shub has more than 5 million subscribers. His channel is spoken in Hindi, with new content uploaded almost daily. Aside from gaming, he is known for being a funny character. And many people tune in for comedic value as much as the gaming. Gyan Gaming has a similar online following to Beast Boy Shub in just three years. His channel is full of great live games and commentates in Hindi.

Card and gambling games

Casino gaming is legal in some parts of India and is subject to restrictions in others. Casino players enjoy a wide selection of games. Some of the most popular gambling in the region include Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. Some casinos are even promoting Hindi roulette! It has all the exciting aspects of classic roulette but with a Hindi twist.

Teen Patti and Indian Rummy are two card games that are exceptionally popular as well. Teen Patti is a variation of three-card brag in the west, and Indian Rummy is a Rummy variation – both are very popular among Indian casino dwellers. Poker and slot machine gaming are also popular across India.

Traditional Indian games

Putting the smartphone away for just a second, Indian children also play a lot of traditional games. Albeit not as much as their grandparents, they play classic titles to either keep them active or stimulate their minds. Some examples of popular Indian board games include Pallankuzhi and Pachisi. The latter is a two-to-four-player game in a somewhat variation of checkers. Players move pawns to take control of the board. It's one of the most popular Hindi strategy games.

There are plenty of outdoor pastimes that children and adults enjoy, such as Lattoo, Nondi (known as hopscotch in Western cultures!), Kho Kho and Kabbadi. Another popular outdoor game is Gutte. This is a game where a player must throw a stone in the air and collect several other stones on the floor using only one hand. They must collect as many as possible before the stone thrown in the air hits the floor.

It can be argued that nowadays, Hindi movies are the most popular choice amongst the locals. However, whether it’s through a video console, smartphone, in a gambling house, or just with some stones outside – Hindi games have a lot to offer all generations.