What Are Some Of The Most Popular Card Games In India?

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Card Games In India? English Article

India is a land of multiple card games and in some local cultures, it is customary to play various card games during festivals. But card games are not original to this land because migrants introduced them from Central Asia during the 16th century. However, game rules and principles were so fun and exciting that soon it became popular with the royal families. Elites were obsessed with cards that would order them to be made from precious materials like ivory, gold, diamonds, etc.

India’s largest festival Diwali has a popular tradition where people engage in minor card betting games. This gives an idea about Indians’ interest in the game. Over time multiple card games were introduced in the land, and now they are popular with many households. The advent of digital media gave an alternative to the people to engage in minor card games with random people around the world and have an interesting time.

These are the times of social distancing, and it is dangerous to engage in physical card games. Therefore, multiple online platforms have come up with lucrative winning pots to keep people company in these lonely times. Here is an article on some of the top card games that are popular in India.


Twenty-eight is a fun game that involves card numbering and a bit of a trick. It is played among four players divided into two teams. The teammates sit opposite each other, and at any given point, the player on the left deals the card while the player on the right sets the trump. The trump is set after four cards are given to each player. Depending on these cards, the player sets the bid and trump.

The game is not played in a full deck. Only 32 cards are dealt, and 28 cards out of those carry some points hence the name. The aces and the tens are worth one point each. Jack carries a maximum of 3 points, and the nines are worth 2 points each. Other remaining cards such as king, queen, seven, and eight are worth nothing and are disadvantageous.  


This is one of the rare single-player card games. The Britishers in India popularized it, and we all got to know about it as one of the earliest windows games. This is an arrangement game like rummy where four cards facing down are given to the player. The player then flips each card over and tries to build upon the foundation. The topmost of the three cards are used.

Subsequently, the cards at the bottom can be given out for another one from the deck. This is done to see which card is suitable for your foundation. The order of the pile is heart, diamonds, spade, and club, and accordingly, the cards are arranged. Although it started as a single-player game, multiple online gaming platforms now allow you to play against some real-time players and earn some money if you are good at speculation.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is the Indian adaptation of rummy, and it is based on bluff and call. Teen Patti was introduced in India in the 16th century, and since then, it has become one of India’s most popular card games. The major difference between Rummy and Teen Patti is that the bids have to be equal. If a player has bet four coins and the subsequent player has placed a bet of 8 coins, the former has to add eight coins to his bid to match the pot.

This game is played with a deck of 52, and 4-6 players can easily play this game. Jokers are not included in the game, and three cards are dealt at a time. Depending upon the cards, you can either choose to call or raise. Calling means that you want to continue in the game with the same bet, and raise means you want to up the stakes.

The weightage of each sequence is pre-determined so that you can play with the bet accordingly. Teen Patti is also one of the most popular card games played online with a huge pot. You can play Teen Patti at Lottoland Asia, which is completely safe and secure, and the players you play against are verified.


This is the most prominent casino game that is now available online. It is played on the similar lines of Teen Patti, and a pot is kept in the middle of the table. The bets are decided, and each player is dealt with four cards. The stakes are good in this game, and more and more players are finding their interest in this game each day.

Poker requires good analytical and mathematical skills and also refined bluff techniques. The international pool in this game is huge, and if you have the skills and experience, you will have an interesting time playing online.