Top Five Mermaid Movies That Are A Must Watch

Top Five Mermaid Movies That Are A Must Watch English Article

MERMAIDS also considered a mythological character has always been able to capture our interest. Some say they exist some say they don’t.  But whatever it is…… their movies have always been a fascination. So here are some must watch mermaid movies.



Splash is an American romantic comedy movie. It depicts the love story of a mermaid and a business man, Allen Bauer. When Allen was eight years old, he went on a vacation with his family in a boat. While they were in the middle of the ocean, something fascinated him, and he jumped into the ocean. He didn’t know how to swim but surprising a girl held his hand, and he could breathe under the water now. It was the mermaid. When he was taken out of the water, the mermaid ran away. As he grew up, he started considering it as a hallucination. But there was some instant connection that developed between him and the mermaid. 
He was not able to find that connection ever again, and so all her relationships with different women kept on ending. 
Due to destiny, the mermaid again enters his life and everything changes. This shows the wonderfulness in the love of Allen for the mermaid. He is scared of her at first when he sees her in her original form but eventually loves her even more. And finally decides to run away from this disturbing city life to live in water with her.


Aquamarine features a mermaid named Aquamarine. She runs away from her father who is the king of the seas to find true love. But she is washed ashore by the waves.
On the land, she befriends two girls – Claire and Hailey, who are best friends.
Aquamarine sleeps in the water tank on the land. She falls in love with a lifeguard named Raymond and tries to seduce him. Eventually, when she became successful another woman named Cecilia intervenes who likes Raymond too. She tries to expose Aquamarine, but when Raymond saw who she really was, he fell off the guards for a moment but then accepted her.


Mermaids depict the story of three mermaid sister, Diana, Venus and June, who avenge the death of their father.  Their father was  killed by a fisherman, Mallick unintentionally. When he tried to seek the body of the merman, he was attacked by a huge creature with a trident in its hand.
Venus and June already live on land, but Diana always hated humans. But she comes to the land to find Mallick and seek justice for her father’s  death.
Then they discover that Mallick has found their father’s body and was keeping it in a freezer so as to capture them.  They confront him, but he asks them to grant his one wish, which they must to anyone who asks for it. He wishes for a chest of sunken treasure. They do so, but while delivering it, they arranged for the police who arrest Mallick.
After all this they all decide to stay on land.

She Creature​

Angus and his wife Lily abduct a mermaid and decide to transport her to America to make money out of the’ wonder of the ocean’. They didn’t know how big a mistake it was. They traveled by a sea route. On the way, their ship lost its way and headed towards the mythical Forbidden Islands. There were unexplained deaths of the passengers. Eventually, they realized that it was the mermaid which had started showing its deadly side.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid features an adventurous young mermaid, Ariel, who doesn’t bother about the normal norm and has a heart of her own.  Ariel is enchanted by the human world, and she occasionally goes to the sea surface. The sea surface is supposed to be an off-limit of Triton, the sea king father of Ariel. 

One day, Ariel saves Prince Eric from a shipwreck. She instantly falls in loves with him. Triton couldn’t comprehend her love for the prince. She got furious and one day ran away. While running away she made a deal with Ursula, Triton’s evil sister, to experience the life she dreams of on land.