Top 10 YouTube Channels That Have The Highest Subscribers

Top 10 YouTube Channels That Have The Highest Subscribers English Article

Do you have a YouTube channel with a small number of subscribers? There is nothing to be ashamed of. Publishing quality content and consistency is the key to success on this platform. You have to work hard to grow your channel. Let’s talk about some entertainment channels that get Top youtube views. Enjoy!

Marvel Entertainment

Do you like character-based entertainment? Peek right now on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The company is a subsidiary of the famous “The Walt Disney.” Marvel Entertainment has been on YouTube since 2005. Now, their subscription reaches 16 million. The channel usually publishes two videos every day.

The Ellen Show

You already have watched her program on TV. She has a huge number of fans worldwide because of her personality and sense of humor. Her YouTube channel is equally popular with 37.9 million subscribers. Ellen knows how to entertain the audience!

Matt Steffanina

He is a choreographer and YouTuber who shares hip-hop tutorials on his channel since 2011. His channel has reached 12.7 million subscriptions. Matt publishes his content in two videos per week. You can find the like to join his dance academy on the about section.


The channel is entertaining as well as informative that publishes videos regarding the top 10 facts. Alltime10s is one of the most engaging channels in the entertainment niche on YouTube. They now have 5.64 million subscribers. The creators publish two to three videos per week.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

This is a kind of family-based YouTube channel because you can see Roman’s son, daughter, and girlfriend in his videos. They create prank videos that are focused on family and kid entertainment. The channel has 15.6 million subscribers right now.

Ryan Toys Review

As a kid, Ryan is doing great since his channel has crossed 29.9 million subscribers. He loves toys and reviews them in-depth for kids. Along with reviews, Ryan is now creating videos on small science experiments and DIY.

Lucas Gardezani Abduch

If you love juggling and circus arts, the channel will pull you like a magnet. Lucas is a Brazilian YouTuber who creates videos on different visual arts, entertainment, and tutorials. It is one of the top entertainment channels with 147K subscribers.


This American YouTuber is fond of magic, music, and travel. He creates videos on these topics as well as pranks. Evan Era TV is a popular entertainment YouTube channel with 2.17 million subscribers. He publishes about three to four videos per week.


Vevo’s official YouTube channel is a gift for music lovers. They have been on the platform since 2006 and publish HD music videos and live performances. The channel is one of the giant music lover communities with 19.9 million subscribers.

Elvin Mensah

He is an American YouTuber and comedian who creates brilliant, funny content. Elvin and his team make a plot for each video and shoot them in funny ways. The channel was launched in 2017; however, his videos get viral rapidly. The channel now has 30.5K subscribers.