Things To Know About IPL Since Its Inception

Things To Know About IPL Since Its Inception English Article

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a popular annual Indian tournament organized by the BCCI. It’s a lucrative event, and its popularity has been soaring since its inception. The IPL took off in 2008 as an eight-team event but has grown rapidly over the past few years. Now, with 10 teams and dozens of international players in attendance, there's more action than before. Based on a recent news article in India - published on Cricket Betting Advice, the craze for IPL will only increase as the years go by.

What’s the IPL?

The IPL is a popular franchise-based tournament. Teams from different cities compete with each other for lucrative prize money and bragging rights. The IPL has become so popular that its viewership has surpassed some famous international cricket tournaments. Some of them include the Ashes, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy. People all over India watch this tournament religiously every year, and many people even travel to stadiums to watch their favorite players play live.

Lalit Modi

The Indian Premier League is a T20 league founded by Lalit Modi. The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) owns the tournament and is responsible for overseeing it.

The IPL came about after a dispute between the BCCI and the Indian Cricket League (ICL) – a break-away tournament. The ICL challenged the BCCI and decided to respond by creating its own competition, with eight teams based in cities rather than traditional cricketing regions.

The inaugural season was won by Deccan Chargers, who beat Chennai Super Kings in the final. The tournament has since grown exponentially, with each team now given an annual budget of over $70 million.


The Indian Premier League is one of the most profitable cricket tournaments in the world. Not only is it the prime source of revenue for BCCI, but it has also been instrumental in popularizing T20 cricket across the globe.

The IPL has also brought a keen sense of competition among teams and encouraged them to adopt effective marketing strategies for gaining a competitive edge over their rivals. The effective use of digital platforms has been vital in creating a global audience for the sport and providing players with a stage to showcase their skills. The tournament has become so popular that international players have quit international cricket to prolong their careers and play in the IPL.