The Most Watched Netflix Show Ever

The Most Watched Netflix Show Ever English Article

62 Million Homes watched The Queen’s Gambit in Just 28 Days

Netflix managed to produce several hits in 2020. Out of the over 100 new TV shows they debuted last year, standouts included everything from the insane documentary mini-series Tiger King to The Crown's fourth season.

In a year full of quality releases for the streaming service, it had to take something special to feature a combination of critical acclaim and widespread popularity. One such series that covered both was The Queen’s Gambit, a chess-themed drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

Released in October and spanning seven episodes, The Queen’s Gambit received rave reviews from the critics. Plus, even though it is early days in terms of awards, the show scooped the Best Drama TV Series of the Year award at the IGN Awards – beating Better Call Saul and The Crown in the process.

More remarkable, however, are the viewership numbers for the show. As revealed by Betway in their research on the series, The Queen’s Gambit was watched in 62 million homes during the first 28 days from its release day.

A closer look at audience numbers

That previous stat is only the start. In just the first three days of The Queen’s Gambit landing on Netflix, the show racked up 551 million minutes of watch time overall. That’s over 382,000 days in total. The series was also in the first place three weeks in a row in the Nielsen’s U.S. streaming rankings, which measures the most-watched shows on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

When you factor in these facts and figures, it should come as no surprise that The Queen’s Gambit has already become the most-watched scripted limited series in Netflix’s history. In fact, it sits at the top of the list for most-watched fictional mini-series in 63 countries – including Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

The impact on Google search trends

It wasn’t only Netflix that gained from The Queen’s Gambit. Google also did from curious users who wanted to know more about the show and its main theme: chess.

The term “chess” is one that receives a lot of traffic on a normal day. Yet when the series premiere of The Queen’s Gambit dropped on Netflix, search queries for “chess” increased by 88% on Google. Other chess terms also gained a healthy bump in popularity. “Chess move” and “Sicilian Defence” increased in search volume by 150% and 300%, respectively.

Unexpectedly, “Queen’s Gambit” – which is also a chess move for the uninitiated – also produced a large increase in Google relevancy. It increased by 250% after the show’s release.

Continued influences

It should come as no surprise, but The Queen’s Gambit has also boosted people playing chess. While it’s impossible to check the numbers of people playing with a physical chess set, that isn’t the case with a digital one. Since the show’s release, the number of players has jumped up 500%.

Plus, even though it was released 37 years ago, the book that inspired the series – also named The Queen’s Gambit – became a best-seller.