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The Most Popular Games In India

Author: Eshika Thakur
The Most Popular Games In India English Article

India is not a country that many people think of when they consider the gaming boom. There is a tendency to view the rising interest in games as a purely western phenomenon.

It would be quite wrong to think that way though. Gaming has become every bit as popular in India now as it is in the US, UK or Europe.

The range of games that Indian people are discovering a love for is also every bit as wide as in those other countries. From casino ones like card games and slots to mobile sports titles, gaming in India is a diverse activity.

That is something that will become clear to you if you read on to find out what the most popular games among Indians are.

Secrets Of The Phoenix

One type of game that is very big in India is online slots, which is something the country has in common with almost every other nation. Among the most popular slot games in India now is Secrets of the Phoenix.

It is likely that a big reason for that is the way that the intriguing and fantastical theme is realised with outstanding graphics. Lush island landscapes complete with thick forests, waterfalls and Aztec pyramids are captured in stunning colour.


This is also a game that pays though. There are 25 pay lines and both free spins and a cascading reels feature that multiplies wins many times over. All of these elements have combined to captivate slots fans in India.

World Cricket Championship

Cricket is probably the top sport in India so the popularity of this mobile cricket game should come as no surprise. However, World Cricket Championship is not the first cricket game to hit the market but none of the previous ones have grabbed Indian fans to quite the same extent.


Those who have embraced it state that their reasons for doing so are the fact that it is a bit more sophisticated and refined than previous games. That has helped it to win over dedicated followers of the sport.

Garena Free Fire

This battle royale game has become another of the biggest mobile hits in India. That is despite the fact that the top tiers of the game only really work well on high-end mobile devices.

Lower tiers can be played very effectively on cheaper phones though and the game can also be downloaded for free, both of which compensate for that. However what has really driven the popularity of this particular game in India is its use in e-sports contests.


Those are events where teams of gamers play against each other in competitive tournaments and millions of people tune in to watch. E-sports events are big in India and Garena Free Fire began to feature in them three years ago.

There is no doubt that this has fuelled a rise in its popularity across the country. It has global download numbers of around 1 billion and a significant percentage of those are players in India.


Speed Ludo

Ludo is a game that has its origins in India and its popularity has always remained strong in the country. Younger fans are much more likely to play one of the digital ludo games than the old physical board game though.

Both Speed Ludo and Ludo King are very big in India, but the former perhaps has a slightly larger base of fans. They are attracted by the fast play of the game, which makes it an ideal way of spending short breaks in a busy day.


Another thing that has made Speed Ludo a hit with Indians is the fact that it lets them play the game for real money. That adds a bit of spice to the play and who does not like the chance to win some extra cash.

Teen Patti Click to look into! >> Read More... Teen Patti

This is a card game that is a variation of brag and it is almost entirely unknown outside of India. Gaming fans have played the physical version of it for centuries and it has been adapted very effectively to the online world of 2023.


It is a game that is centred on call and bluff tactics, but a big difference compared with brag is that all bids during the game must be of the same amount. Both in its physical and online versions, it is suitable for up to six players, so it is a social activity in India.

Teen Patti dates back to the 16th century and is one of many beloved card games that are rooted in Indian culture. Even the Diwali festival features card gaming!

These are the five most popular picks among fans of gaming in India. Some of them are part of the nation’s history while others have become big more recently.