Should You Trade Using Brokerage Apps Or Brokers?

Should You Trade Using Brokerage Apps Or Brokers? English Article

It’s one of the best times to be an investor. Technology has made things quicker than ever. Brokers are just a call or email away, and brokerage apps let us invest on our terms and schedules. Because we have so many choices, it’s also one of the most complicated times to invest.

A brokerage app and a broker are different options for different investors. In many cases, first-time investors feel more comfortable with a broker's guidance. They act as facilitators, negotiating on a trader’s behalf. Brokers buy and sell stock at the trader’s direction, with varying guidance levels. But, as you’ve probably guessed, that isn’t free.

A brokerage app has upsides and downsides. The obvious advantage is convenience; you’ll be able to trade anywhere. Most of the time, you find far lower fees as well. Of course, you’re pulling the investing strings yourself, so a comprehensive brokerage app should have educational material too.

Invest In Proven Reliability And Never Empty Promises

It’s a perfect time for us to talk about reputation. In the online world, we’re not always sure about authenticity. Any broker you’re evaluating should happily share the regulatory body they operate under and their company history. It’s important to understand the broker and their firm’s track record.

Pocket Option has been listening to customers since day one, shaping their application and service around clients’ feedback. For that reason, there’s no commission on deposits or withdrawals and a minimum trade amount of just $1. Customer loyalty is earned through results and outstanding service, which explains Pocket Option’s 10 million registered users. We’re also regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC), an independent, non-commercial organization.

Investing With Convenience Shouldn’t Be A Limitation

The Pocket Option app maintains a stable connection around the clock, so you’ll never be caught by surprise or interrupted. You’ll have access to over 100 trading instruments, getting accurate quotes straight to your device. The intuitive design makes it an easy application to get familiar with.

The Pocket Option Demo is your digital test drive of a world-class, regulated brokerage app. Try out the full suite of application tools before you decide to start investing real money. In addition, you’ll get a $10,000 PO Demo Account to trade currencies, stocks, crypto, and more.

Support Through All Stages Of Trading

Pocket Option has a slew of different ways to find support. As a registered trader on the platform, you’ll be able to chat live with support or other Pocket Option users. You can reach out to experienced traders and Pocket Option moderators for solutions to most problems.

Pocket Option also gives you a selection of signals you can copy via Social Trading. With a few clicks, you’ll follow profitable traders' investment and trading strategies. The program follows the top traders automatically, giving you passive income. In addition, you can easily adjust the settings depending on your investment strategy.

Another innovation from Pocket Option is Safes, interest-growing places to store USD, BTC, ETH, and more. The interest is decided based on your Safe balance and your monthly trading activity on Pocket Option. To raise the interest rate of your Safe account, you can either use it to hold more funds or trade more on the PO platform. Furthermore, there is no fee for fully withdrawing funds from your Safe.

There’s a lot more to this app, enough to write hundreds of articles. Start trading with $10,000 on the Pocket Option Demo account to see this app's benefits.