How To Access More Movies On Your Netflix Account

How To Access More Movies On Your Netflix Account English Article

When we spend most of our days inside and on our computer, it can be helpful with a good hack that makes it possible to access more content on your Netflix. The popular streaming service offers different content depending on which country you live in. This is because some strict laws and licenses geo-blocks some movies and tv series in other countries. The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada are among the countries that have the most to offer on Netflix. Here you can watch newly released movies, as well as all the classics. But how can you do this?

Try a VPN for your computer

A VPN is a program you can download to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It makes it possible to enter and surf on foreign servers. This hides your IP address and makes it look like you are in another country. This can be used for several things, either to watch movies or gamble on foreign casinos. Some online casinos are geo-blocked and cannot be accessed as a foreigner. A VPN will offer the opportunity to play on these, and lets you gamble, bet and try some free spins.

How to download a VPN

Downloading a VPN is easy and can be done quickly through the internet. The growing interest in VPNs had led to the creation of several VPN distributors. You simply search for the software in your preferred search engine and look for one with good reviews. There are both free and paid versions that you can download. The free version might have time limits and ads but is a great and cheap alternative.

When the VPN is downloaded, you simply choose a server you want to use. If you want to access American Netflix, pick an American server. Now your IP address and personal information are hidden, and you have thousands of new movie and series titles to browse through.

What can you watch on US Netflix?

Now that you know how to access US Netflix, you might wonder what shows and movies you can watch. The US version contains titles like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Blair Witch Project, Twin Peaks, Superbad, Radium Girls, Mystic Pizza, A Clockwork Orange, Ink Master, Stargate SG-1 and many, many more.

Stay safe with a VPN

Using a VPN will also keep you safe online. It hides your personal and sensitive information, making you more protected against hackers and security breaches. This is helpful whether you spent a little or a lot of time online. You never know when a hack can occur, and it is always smart to stay safe. If you travel with your devices, a VPN can protect you from harmful viruses on public WIFIs - these often connect you automatically, without your consent and can be dangerous.

To summarize, a VPN will not keep you safe from hacks and let you watch hours and hours of fun entertainment and there is no reason not to use it!