How Films Use Music To Draw In Viewers

How Films Use Music To Draw In Viewers  English Article

One thing that tends to go unnoticed when you watch a film is the impact that the music can have on helping to set the tone. It can be very subtly done, but when done properly, it can be made to perfection.

Music Can Create Memories

Music can help build characters and storylines in TV and film, with the soundtrack often being a more significant part of the film than some of the actors. Look at it this way. You could have the best actor in the world in a dramatic scene, but if bubblegum pop music is playing in the background, it can completely undermine what you are trying to achieve. If you were to have some heavy drums and a slow baseline building to a crescendo underneath, climaxing at the same time as a tense sword fight, then the two things complement each other and are used to create something truly memorable.


It Can Be Used As A Hook

This concept also works when applied to the opening credits of certain films, where the opening bars will catch the viewer's attention and will be immediately recognizable to even the most casual of film watchers. Take the opening fanfare when the opening sequence begins: it acts directly as a hook. Viewers immediately know what to expect, and it helps to build up anticipation for someone who knows that there is something big likely to happen and much to look forward to for patient viewers.


Other Industries Do It Too

Casinos can be pretty clever in how they use music, as certain types of music are believed to be effective in influencing particular behaviors from patrons. Cynics might see this as manipulative, but it essentially helps create an atmosphere where players feel comfortable and are willing to spend a lot of money. They use familiar sounds that players will immediately recognize and stimulate them to continue, especially if they have a small prize. High tempo music is also used to encourage people to continue and can cause the adrenaline to start pumping, leading to more excitement. Quieter music is then used in lounge areas to help players to relax a bit more. It might be on a much smaller scale, but online casinos similarly use music to help players feel more at home. Sites such as spin palace New Zealand are just one of those sites that use music in this way when you play certain games.


All in all, it is little surprise that music has such a significant impact with so many people hearing it; there is always likely to be some reaction to it. Pay attention next time you sit watching one of your favorite films and see If you can notice any subtle tone changes and see if they do indeed help accentuate the scene. It might not seem like much, but sometimes just having the right song can make a huge difference and make a good scene that much better.