Best Non-Indian Films About Cricket

Best Non-Indian Films About Cricket English Article

No one can argue against the fact that cricket is India’s favorite pastime. It has captivated this subcontinent since the British brought it over in the early 1700s. Though, the first Indian cricket club got established in 1848 by the Parsi community in Bombay.  The most recent estimates put this sport’s global fan base at around 2.5 billion. That figure is rising continuously thanks to betting platforms that allow fans to test their knowledge by wagering on matches from the IPL. One established such site is Sportsbet cricket.

Indian cinema may be chock full of films about batting, bowling, and catching. However, the same cannot get said about the rest of the world. In fact, cricket movies are quite a scarce thing outside of India. There are only a few notable such examples. Below we list what most avid movie watchers rank as the best three ones.

Wondrous Oblivion

Delroy Lindo is a British-American actor that everyone has seen, but few know of his name. Throughout his career, he has played prominent parts in multiple blockbusters and critically acclaimed movies. In 2021, the Oscar snub he received for his role in Da 5 Bloods made worldwide headlines. Yet, many cinephiles agree that he gave a better performance in the 2003 British film – Wondrous Oblivion. In it, Lindo plays a Jamaican West Indian immigrant who is an experienced cricketer named Dennis.

Dennis teaches his new neighbor David about cricket while falling in love with his mother, Ruth.  Wondrous Oblivion is a gripping story about a clash of cultures, the power of friendship, and the evils of bigotry. It may not have been a massive hit at the box office, but it is a little-known gem that has warmed hearts for nearly two decades.

Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm is a biographical drama about sports agent J. B. Bernstein and his discovery of baseball pitchers Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh. It is a Disney movie, which heavily promoted it on ESPN. Jon Hamm, of Mad Men-fame, has the title role in this picture, with Bill Paxton and Alan Arkin offering quality support as co-stars. It got released theatrically in 2014 to mild commercial success. Meaning, it was not a flop but was no were near a hit, grossing only $40 million on a $25 million budget.

Most critics praised the movie's slick production and underdog tale but criticized its predictability and excessive sentimentality. It did manage to get shortlisted as a potential candidate for an Oscar for Best Original Score and Best Original Song but did not get nominated for either. All in all, this is a fun family romp that offers family-oriented entertainment, which is what anyone would expect from Disney.


Okay, this third one is a bit of a cheat, as it is not a movie but a mini-series. Nevertheless, it is of such excellent quality that it would be a shame if more people did not know about it. Aired in 1984, Bodyline is a mini-series that dramatizes the 1930s Ashes tour of the England Cricket Team of Australia. It depicts the events leading up to it and the five test matches that the England team played in Australia in the 1932-33 season, winning four of them.

Hugo Weaving, most famous for playing Agent Smith in the Matrix movies, stars as English captain Douglas Jardine in Bodyline. Jardine was a controversial figure in the cricket world due to his arrogant demeanor. Gary Sweet, known for his work on the television series The Sullivans, co-stars as Don Bradman, the man many consider the greatest batsman of all time. Sadly, Bodyline is not widely available for streaming. It is worth seeking out, as it is an exciting show that boasts the tagline – the day England declared war on Australia. It is a must-see for all cricket fans.