4 Reasons Sports Fans Love The English Premier League

4 Reasons Sports Fans Love The English Premier League English Article

Fans of football are spoilt for choice these days. It seems like there is no respite from the sport between numerous club leagues, top-level European inter-club competitions, and international matches. Many opt to watch as much football as possible, yet there appears to be one competition that stands above the rest.

The English Premier League still garners the most attention from football fans worldwide. If you are a fan, whether you are in a bar, a casino, or simply browsing social media, you can be sure you will find a fellow football fanatic to have a discussion or argument with!

But makes it stand above the rest? Even foreign-based fans choose an English team to follow, in some cases as their favorite team in general, disregarding teams in their own country. Cheering on their team is like a religion, and some, if they're lucky enough, get to go and experience matches in person to sample the fervent atmosphere.


Teams with History

Without a doubt, football is one of the most famous sports in the world, if not indeed located right at the top. The names of football teams in England are etched into fans' minds, while even non-fans cannot claim that they don't recognize team names like Manchester United or Liverpool.

Two of England's most famous clubs have fought over the years, both experiencing periods of dominance with regular victories of the league title. Manchester United currently appears to be on the wane, not having won the title since 2013. Liverpool won their first title in 30 years in 2020, and have been playing some fantastic football since.

Arsenal, another historic club with a large fanbase, has been enduring tough times on the trophy front since the departure of their long-time manager, Arsene Wenger. While Chelsea and Manchester City were both old clubs enduring season upon season in the wilderness, the arrival of rich owners put them on the map and allowed them to make their mark on the recent history of the Premier League.


Extensive Coverage

The Premier League is tough to avoid, being televised in a mind-boggling 188 countries across the globe. Even in far-flung countries such as India, sports broadcasters are keen to make deals that ensure they have the right to show the games. Competition between companies can be tense, as these rights can guarantee them a large portion of the tv viewership market.


Such is the popularity of the Premier League; clubs began to form their dedicated tv channels. Sports broadcasters have specific channels that focus on football news around the clock and contain interviews, talk shows, previews, and highlights of games. Every football fan's dream!

Fans have even taken to get involved themselves, setting up their channels on YouTube to host discussions regarding transfer speculation or just team news in general. Platforms like Facebook have numerous fan group pages to choose from, where you can meet like-minded supporters of football as a whole or just your preferred team.

Intense Competition

The Premier League is seen to be a class apart from its European rivals. While many of the other top leagues are seen to be quite predictable, the Premier League is anything but. Revenue gained from tv deals is shared amongst the clubs, thus giving the smaller clubs funds to compete at the highest level.


It's impossible to predict who will win games as any team is capable of beating another. Over the years, there have been results against top teams that would very rarely be seen in leagues elsewhere. People who like to bet on football find that while the Premier League is enjoyable to watch, it's a minefield when it comes to trying to pick winners.

No team is safe from the threat of relegation, as seen by Everton's struggles this season. The most famous example of a team upsetting the odds occurred in the Premier League. Unfashionable club Leicester City stunned the sporting and betting world by winning the Premier League title in 2016 at outrageous odds of 5000/1. How's that for excitement?


Best Players and Managers

Compared to the 90s, when the Premier League was originally formed, things have changed a lot. Back then, Italy was seen as the most testing league to play in and clubs had strong financial support that ensured all the best talent ended up in Serie A. Fast forward to the present day, and the Premier League has well and truly stolen its crown.

Top managers such as Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have made their way to England, currently in charge of Liverpool and Manchester City respectively. Jose Mourinho had some successful spells at Chelsea, while Arsene Wenger guided Arsenal to trophies, which they have not seen since. Sir Alex Ferguson presided over 13 Premier League title wins with Manchester United, making them the most successful side in the competition.


Players like homegrown talent Harry Kane excite the fans, while the form of top imported stars such as Mohamed Salah and Kevin de Bruyne has been sensational. However, last summer, the main talking point was the return of one of the greatest football players of all time to the league. Cristiano Ronaldo Anyone who follows football must be well aware of >> Read More... Cristiano Ronaldo moved back to the club where he made his name, Manchester United, to seal an emotional comeback in English football.


The Premier League is truly the most well-known and exciting football league on the planet. It would be rare to find someone who does not know the names of the teams involved in this competition. Other leagues have quite simply been left trailing in its shadow.


The most famous English teams command respect from every corner of the globe. Games between these teams can draw massive crowds, not to mention the huge numbers watching television. While some may feel coverage of the Premier League has reached saturation point, you won't find many fans complaining.

The quality of players and managers plying their trade in England is of such a high standard that fans can’t but help tune in. Free-flowing football has become the order of the day, and this style of play appeals to people who wish to enjoy the game. The uncertainty of the outcome, as opposed to other leagues, also provides shocks from time to time which keeps fans guessing and glued to the action.