4 Movie Scenes That Made Us Want To Visit A Casino

4 Movie Scenes That Made Us Want To Visit A Casino English Article

Throughout history, there have been some truly iconic casino scenes in movies. In fact, when people think of Hollywood in its prime, luxurious casino imagery is usually one of the first things that come to mind. Without a doubt, movies are one of the main reasons why casinos are so popular around the world today.

However, which casino scenes are the best? Let’s take a look at 4 of the very best ones.

1.‘The Poker Game’ (Casino Royale, 2006)

Many film fans and critics regard Daniel Craig as the greatest Bond of all time. When asked why, they will often point people in the direction of Craig’s first Bond film – Casino Royale – and its incredible poker sequence.

Here, Bond faces off against Le Chiffre (the main villain) in an intense game of poker where the prize pot is $115 million dollars. Le Chiffre is highly regarded as an excellent poker player, which adds to the intensity of the game.

During the action, Bond realizes he has been poisoned. This leads to him quickly exiting the table, resuscitating himself outside in a car, and then returning to the table again to win the jackpot!

After watching Casino Royale and the iconic poker game between Bond and Le Chiffre, it’s impossible to not want to go to a casino and play some games. Luckily, you don’t have to visit a land-based casino – instead, you can play online using the best online casino games in Australia.

2.‘Alan Counts Cards’ (The Hangover, 2009)

Speaking of classics, The Hangover is another highly regarded movie. Interestingly, many people believe it to be the greatest comedy movie ever created – but that’s a matter of personal opinion. However, it’s undeniable that The Hangover is largely responsible for the popularity of casinos in Las Vegas – especially Caesar’s Palace.

While staying at Caesar’s Palace, Phil, Stu, and Alan are trying to think of a solution to their problem. The problem is that they need to raise $80,000 in order to get their friend Doug back from Chow. Of course, it’s a lot of money to raise in such a short amount of time, which is why nobody knows what to do.

Luckily, Alan comes up with the idea to go to the Casino downstairs in order to win the money they need. What follows is one of the most hilarious casino scenes of all time, which sees Alan illegally count cards to win the money.

If you visit a casino in Las Vegas today, you’ll see that many people still continue to dress up like Alan, Phil, and Stu – which highlights the lasting impact of The Hangover.

3.‘The Robbery’ (Oceans 11, 2001)

Oceans 11 is a highly entertaining casino heist movie that’s centered around stealing $160 million from Terry Benedict (the casino owner).

The movie’s biggest moment comes towards the end when the Oceans crew conducts the robbery – which is an incredibly well choreographed and executed piece of film history.

4.‘Meet James Bond’ (Dr. No, 1962)

Lastly, there’s the casino scene from Dr. No.

In this scene, we meet Sean Connery’s version of James Bond for the first time, when he is sitting at a Baccarat table smoking a cigarette.

Although no action takes place in this scene, it sets the tone for what to expect from James Bond for decades to come. Also, when people think of Sean Connery, this is often the first scene they see.