R.P. Patnaik was born in India and is professionally a music composer. His full name is Ravindra Prasad Patnaik and he worked in more than 60 films in the South Indian film industry. He received his primary education in Andhra Pradesh and later joined Andhra University to obtain the degree in astrophysics. Patnaik wanted to be a director in the industry; he received his first break from Teja.

He is active in Tollywood since 1999 and apart from composing and directing, he also acted in various movies. He debuted with the movie, 'Andamaina Manasulo' which released in 2008. In 2010, his film Broker released in which he played as the lead character, Ganapathi. He received many nominations and awards for it and the audience loved it. The critics gave big thumbs up to Rajendra’s direction.

In the 2016 flick, “Thulasidhalam” Patnaik played the role of Dr. Tilak; the plot is about Satvik who leaves for Los Angeles to meet his girlfriend, Nisha. He stays there with Subbu, his roommate. Soon it is revealed that Satvik doesn’t believe in any supernatural activities and is a disbeliever of ghosts. Subbu challenges Satvik to spend a night in the graveyard. He does it successfully and then the trouble starts to affect him, he begins to experience unusual activities and begins to notice spirits that are following him.

The spirit is of a girl named Shanti. Satvik consults Dr. Tilak about this and he tries to find the spirit and why is she following him. It received negative reviews from the critics because of its incompleteness plot and marked it lousy and boring. He composed music for flicks like ' Family Circus', 'Nuvvu Nenu', ' Santosham', ' Jayam', 'Sreeram', 'Dil', 'Holi', 'Gemini', etc.

Apart from performing on camera and with instruments, Rajendra also performed on stage at various concerts and events. He performed in many countries including US, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait, and in many parts of India. He worked with many great composers and artists and all of them appreciated his work. His first film is based on a different concept and is that the seen cannot be heard and the head cannot be seen.

It was only filmed for 22 minutes. His 2016 directed film is 'Manalo Okada' which is going to be released shortly, in this he is going to act and will set the theaters on fire with his work and brilliant performance. His brother is Gautham Patnaik and his sister is Chandra Patnaik.

Sai Karthik Telugu Actor

Sai Karthik

Sai Karthik ( Sai Kartheek) is a noted South Indian music composer who predominantly works in Telugu and Kannada movies. He has completed 50 movies in 2016, his most recent release being ‘Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’, and is a very busy music composer in Tollywood. With the completion of 50 movies, he is fast moving ahead into the big league of music directors. His movies have decent openings and the scores are really appreciated. The musician took a keen interest in music by playing on rhythm pad player. He had good associations with G. Anand, Vasu Rao, Devi Sri Prasad, Mani Sharma, and even Vandemataram Srinivas, who are all veterans in the music world of the Telugu film industry. Although, he made his debut as a solo music director through the movie, ‘Call Center’, his biggest hit came through the runaway success of ‘Patas’. He also got associated with NTR Arts Production House, which was a major break for him. With so many veteran music directors ruling the Telugu film industry, it was indeed difficult for Sai Karthik to make his way to success. His patience and tired efforts made it possible to achieve the completion of 50 movie records. Some movies like ‘Run’ , ’Terror’ (impressive background score), and ’Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’, made decent way in the box office. They have affirmed his position as a music director and background music composer in the Telugu film world. The year 2014 has been the promising year for the music director, as his songs from ‘Rowdy’ and ‘Paisa’ were all chartbusters. The music director was born on 23 February, 1983, in Ongole. He was active in the music world since 2008 and in 2018, he will complete ten years of dedicated service to the Telugu film industry. Just two years behind to achieve this goal!



‘Bheems’, also known as Bheems Ceciroleo, is a music director and producer who works with the Telugu film industry, also known as Tollywood. His initial success was as a lyricist for the song “Oye Raju”, from the movie ‘Aayudham’, which made him an overnight sensation as well as popular as a lyricist. After the initial success, though, he faced a brief dry spell. His career faced several bumps along the way, but he emerged from them unharmed and made his comeback as a music director. He has worked in some movies and provided exceptional music for them. Some of his more famous works can be seen and heard in movies such as Kevvu Keka, where he composed and provided the soundtrack in collaboration with Chinni Charan. This soundtrack of Kevvu Keka was released through the label of Aditya music in the year 2013, and the music album was made up of four songs. In addition to the composition of these soundtracks, he also wrote the lyrics of these songs along with Kedarnath, Sri Mani, and Suddala Ashok Teja. In ‘Gaalipata’, as well, he composed the soundtrack, which was released, yet again, through Aditya Label in 2014. Other than these, Bheems Ceciroleo also composed the music for the official soundtrack of the 2015 hit film, Bengal Tiger. It consisted of five songs all of which were composed by him, and received tolerably good reviews when released by the label of Junglee Music. He has also sung for some movies. He has done playback singing for movies like Bengal Tiger (2015), which he claims was one of the biggest films in which he has worked in so far, and ‘Aagadu’ (2014), as well as a lyricist for ‘Joru’ (2014), and Seema Tapakai (2011). His other notable work as a music director and producer include Mana Kurralle, Ala Ela, and ‘Joru’, among others.

Bheems Telugu Actor