Maheswari is a popular South Indian film actress, who was born on and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on August 26. Maheswari studied at Adarsh Vidyalaya, T. Nagar. She acted in many Telugu and Tamil films and she is the cousin of Sridevi, a popular South Indian film actress. She got married to Jayakrishnan, a Software Engineer who owns Digital Securities Company from Hyderabad on September 18, 2008 at Thirupathi. Some of the popular artists who attended their wedding ceremony were Bony Kapoor, Meena, Sridevi, Ram Gopal Varma, SV Krishna Reddy, Arun Kumar, Sangeetha and a lot more.

Maheswari started her career in the film industry in year 1994 through the Hindi action crime film, Krantiveer. Then she did the Tamil film, Karuththamma on the same year. She became popular for doing her first Telugu film, Gulabi in 1995. She played the lead role of Pooja opposite with actor, J. D. Chakravarthi. After that she got many offers in movies. Maheswari’s first Kannada film was the 1995, Annavra Makkalu. She did her first horror film, Deyyam in 1996 under the production and direction of Ram Gopal Varma. She acted as Mahi, the sister of Sindhu who bought a new estranged house near the graveyard. In this film, she was partnered again with actor, J. D. Chakravarthi and also in 1996 Telugu crime film, Mrugam. In 1997, she was starred in Kodi Ramakrishna film, Pelli along with Vadde Naveen and Prudhi Raj. She also did the Telugu films, Priyaragalu, Jabillama Pelli and Nesam. She was also in the lead role in the multi-award winning film, Nee Kosam in 1999. Her role as the wealthy Sasirekha gave Maheswari the Nandi Award for Best Actress. She also got her fame in the Tamil film, Ullaasam in 1997. Maheswari did few more Tamil and Telugu films including the Maa Balaji, a remake of the Malayalam comedy film, Punjabi House and Erra Gulabilu. Maheswari made an elegant performance and succeeded as a heroine for almost 10 years in Telugu and Tamil industry.

In 2003, Maheswari appeared in the horror serial, Kaathiravan along with Kalpana. Then after many years, she was featured in the comedy serial, My Name is Manga Tayaru on Zee TV. She acted in all other languages like Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. Maheswari is a very straightforward type of person. She likes dancing and her favorite artists are Meryl Streep and Sylvester Stallone.
Geethanjali Telugu Actress


Geethanjali is a famous actress in Telugu and thamil. Geethanjali’s native place is Kakinada. Her mothertongue is Telugu. She can speak Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi. She acted in all languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi. She acted as a heroine, comedian, character artist, mother charecter, grand mother character in films. Now, she started acting in serials like Ashta chemma on Maa TV. Geethanjali’s father’s and mother’s names are srirama murthi and shyama sundhari. She has 3 sisters and one brother. Geethanjali’s husband’s name was Ramakrishna. He died because of cancer. He was also an actor. She also acted with him. She learned dance from her childhood. When she was 4 years old, she had given dance perfomence on stage with her sister swarna. They both have got name and fame and they called as Andhra sisters. After many stage shows they were shifted to Chennai and through actress kanchana and she was relative of geethanjali, she got a chance in films. After that she acted as heroine for many movies. And through her dance, she got many offers in different languages. She acted movies like Rani Rathnaprabha, Rama rao garu, seethamma kalyanam, and etc. she acted in more that 400 movies. Now also she is acting in movies. Her son also acting in movies and his name is Srinivas and it was his husband’s dream to see his son as an actor. She says that she feels lucky to work with legends like NTR, Raj kumar, ANR, Shivaji ganeshan, and etc. Now she is staying at Hyderabad. She says that her dream has succeded that she recognized an artist not only heroine. She shows versatility in every role. Still, she is having beautiful eyes. She is playing negative role in Ashta chamma serial. She has a bag of awards she carries along her career Movies: Pellina kothalo, chandhamam kathalu, etc Serials: Ashta chemma, etc DOB: NF


Bangalore Padma

Bangalore padma is a Telugu actress. She is famous in movies and serials. She is an alrounder because she is a stage artist, character artist, and dancer. Actually, she is from vijayavada but she has grownup in Hyderabad and now she is stelled at Bangalore. She did her M.A in history. Her father’s name is Appalaswamy and he was a railway employee. Her mother’s name is Susheela rani. And she is the only daughter to them. She got married to Arun kumar and he is also an artist and writer. She has 2 children: Srinivas Prasad and Gayathri rao and they are also artists. Srinivas Prasad is an actor and DJ. Gayatri rao is also an actress and she got fame into Happy days movie and this was her 1st movie, padma and her husband also acted in that movie and her daughter acted in Gabbar singh movie also and now she is doing her Masters in Australia. Bangalore Padma has done more than 200 movies and now also she is working in movies and serials. When she was 4 years old, she came into movies as a child artist. Her first movie is Alumogalu and in this movie she acted as a daughter of Alluramalingayya garu. After that, she acted in Bommarillu movie as a child artist. With the movie ‘Stuvard Puram police station’, she started acting as a character artist and after she did morethan 150 films as a character artist. Now, she is the member of Movie artists association executive. Actually, her real name is Padma, but after her marriage, in a week 2 or 3 days she used to do journey from banglore to Hyderabad and after Rama naidu garu kept her name in movie titles as Banglore padma and then onwards every one are calling her as Bangore padma. Even her close friends also started calling her with that name. Padma and her husband both together were acted in 2 to 3 serials. She said that she likes joint family because she is the only child to her parents. Nearly 14 years she stayed with her mother-in-law and she likes her mother-in-law and she learned cooking from her. In their family everyone are self sufficient persons. She likes to read books. She carry book with her every day. If she gets time she reads book. Even she forgets to carry makeup kit, but she will never forget to carry book. In her family she and her husband both will together take decisions. Even now also she will meet her LKG to 10th class friends regularly. She said that hardwork and dicipline is most important to everyone in their lifes. DOB: NF Serials: Devatha, Abishekam, etc. Movies: Happydays, missamma, mayabazar, aadhi, preminchukundham ra, mayabazar, kuli no-1, aalumogalu, etc.

Bangalore Padma Telugu Actress