Samrat Reddy Telugu Actor
Other Skills

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Samrat Reddy is a famous actor in Tamil and Telugu Film industry. He completed his schooling from Hyderabad and did his Film Technology so as to pursue a career in cinema. He learned the technical aspects of filmmaking there. Parallel to this course, he also joined a course for acting so as to give a firm foundation to the actor inside him. His father was his inspiration and he pushed him towards this line.

His father was once interested to be an actor himself and had struggled for it. He had little exposure in this line and used to take his son Samrat to the sets and shoots of different films. Those sets fascinated Samrat and he got inclined towards cinema. He has two elder sisters, Shilpa Reddy Shilpa Reddy is a noted model in Hyderabad town. B >> Read More... Shilpa Reddy and Sahitya Reddy. Shilpa Reddy is a famous fashion designer and a model. Samrat feared that working in the entertainment industry as an actor is a tough process, hence he undertook many acting courses from reputed colleges. His debut film was a Telugu film which did not gain much success.

People questioned his acting as well but he did not lose hope. After struggling a lot, he finally achieved recognition. He gives the credit to his family who supported him to achieve it. His family believes that people should do what they love and this makes them give their 100% to their work. He did not know about many technical aspects related to acting but the courses he took helped him in a great way. They helped him to project himself before the industry.

Samrat did not believe in imitating other actors rather he had his own style of doing things. The directors just narrate the shots but things like how to pose for the camera, how to improve diction has to be done with one’s own presence of mind. Samrat was basically interested in cinematography and he came in front of the camera from behind the camera. The first recognition he received was through a Telugu movie, ‘Vinai Koilahade’.

It made him gain good reviews from audience and critics. He believes that it is the struggle and hard work that takes anyone ahead. Nothing comes to us automatically, we have to struggle and get it for us. This is the motto of his life. Movies like Baava, Aaha Na Pellianta (released in 2011) gave him confidence and admiration of people. He selects his movies wisely, judging the script properly. Samrat got married in 2015.