Murali Ram commenced his career as a Video Jockey and Television anchor. He got the lead role in a drama genre movie called ‘ Thoppi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, involving a cast of Murali Ram, Rakesh Raj, G.M. Kumar and Aruldas. The duration of the movie is 2 hours 15 minutes motion picture in which a young chap belonging from a society of burglars decides to go against the society of crime and fight for the right deeds and become a police inspector and operate as an informant. The flick's director and the producers are Youreka and Paramaj, respectively. Nimo productions K. Balu have released the film. Sukuma, the cinematographer of the movie, was commended for his creativity and efforts planted by him in the movie.

The movie connected majorly because of the songs of this movie. They were highly praised and adored by the spectators. The songs were written and directed by a debutant in music, Ram Prasad Sundar. His songs connected the audience indigenously and cultural admiration. Murali Ram says that when he was related the plot of the film, he was unsure about whether to take up this role or not. But the director of the ‘Thoppi’ was pretty certain about taking Murali Ram as the lead in his picture. He was adamant about his decision and persuaded him to take up the role. In conclusion, Murali is obliged to the director of the movie for his decision.

Naga Anvesh

Naga Anvesh is a South Indian actor. He is known for acting in the Telugu Film industry. Naga Anvesh is a child actor and recently made his debut as the lead male character in the film named ‘Vinavayya Ramayya’that released on 19, June 2015. Naga is the son of famous Telugu& Tamil film producer, Krishna Reddy. Krishna Reddy is famous for producing the superhit Telugu film, ‘Sindhoora Puvvu’. Right from his childhood, Naga has been very comfortable with facing the camera. He has acted in several like ‘Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu’, where he beautifully, played the role of Venkatesh’s son. He had a flair for acting ever since he played this part as a child actor. He continued pursuing his education, but side by side kept an eye on learning the intricacies of acting. He had made his mind be a lead actor when he grows up.Being from a film background, Naga was supported by his father and other family members. Thus, once he completed his graduation degree, Naga went to Mumbai and enrolled for an acting course at the famous Whistling Woods acting school run by the famous director of Bollywood, Mr. Shubhash Ghai. As his father is a producer, he supported Naga allot in pursuing his passion for acting and guided him through his first film. After completing his acting course, Naga had been looking for a perfect script for his debut in Telugu Industry for about a year. The wait reaped its results when they finally found the script for the movie ‘Vinavayya Ramayya’. His father advised starting his career with a good action-based film to captivate the audiences with Naga’s mind-blowing performance. The actress from the film ‘Drishyam’, Kruthika was chosen as the female lead opposite to Naga in the movie. Naga Anvesh wants to grow as an actor by choosing more challenging and versatile roles. He is a huge fan of the actor Allu Arjun, because of his acting skills and fitness. He has been dreaming of reaching great heights in his acting career right from his childhood and now it’s his turn to make it happen.

Naga Anvesh Telugu Actor